If you read the title of this post, then you know we are going to be talking about Parties and "Frozen" over here on Mumsy today.  Which, I am really excited about btw because I LOOOOOVE parties!  Especially ones that are for my kids!  Ha!

Like every other little (and grown up) girl out there, Birdie is obsessed with the movie "Frozen".  And, when I asked her what kind of a party she wanted for her 3rd Birthday, I wasn't in the least bit surprised that she wanted a "Frozen" party.   However, I instantly knew this wasn't going to be your typical Elsa focused, blue and white hued, winter wonderland themed party.  No siry bob! Though Birdie definitely likes Elsa, she is 100% devoted to Ana.  Which I find quite fitting.  Because, like Ana, my daughter is adventurous, warm-hearted, quirky, and determined!  So, with all of this in mind, I instantly began scheming away using the culture, settings, and various elements (hair styles, colors, food preferences) that all revolve around Ana and came up with a Scandinavian Princess themed Woodland Fete that was fitting for any soon to be 3 year old girl.

This party was truly one of a kind, and I would love to blab on and on about it, but think you would like viewing it more than reading about it.  So, enjoy! 
(photos taken by the talented Karisa Broadbent.  If you haven't checked her out yet, you should!)

Designed once again by my go-to gal Brenda Bird.

For this party, I wanted the color scheme consist of Jewel tones that were found in two dresses Ana wore in the movie, and the decorations to be fairly simple.

Florals and Garland by Foxglove my favorite florists in the entire world!  And then I incorporated a bunch of pine cones that Biridie and I had gathered a few weeks prior to her party

Aside from the the wooden cake/dessert holders, "Frozen" pennant banner I placed on the craft table, and various candles and colored glass bottles that I also used, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some pictures of Birdie throughout the venue space too.  So, amongst the beautiful Foxglove garland that I placed on the fireplace mantle, I set up pictures of Birdie in her Ana attire from Think Pink Bows that she also wore at the party.  

And finally, what would a party be without garland?!  To get something that would perfectly mesh with the theme of this party, I turned to my gal Amy of The Bees Knees Shoppe for two beautiful custom creations...a pennant banner in Birdie's party hues and a letter banner Ana's most quoted phrase, "Love is an open door".  Talk about the perfect decor for this party! 

As we all know, the main food discussed in the movie is chocolate.  So, I made Birdie an oh so yummy chocolate black forest cake that I topped off with a beautiful custom made cake topper by The Lemon Row.  People simply couldn't get enough of it!  And, the best part about having this amazing cake topper is that fact that it can transfer into a fun memento that you can hold on to for many years to come!  

Along with the cake, there were hear shaped strawberry Nutella sandwiches, European chocolate cookies, chocolate frosted donuts, and insanely delicious dessert Crepes that were provided by Crepes Party LTD. A local catering company that comes to your event and whips up delicious savory and sweet crepes that everyone absolutely love!  FYI  my favorites are the Perpignan (goat cheese, honey, and walnuts) and the Appolline (strawberries, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and chantilly cream).  Yum! 

Wanting to keep the party simple I planned 3 activities that involved little to no adult supervision.

Activity 1- Snowman building craft table

Activity 2-Hair braiding station that was done by my favorite hair stylists Tori and Jannet of Pureza Spa.  These people sure do know their stuff when it comes to beauty for the young and the old!

Activity 3-Photo booth 

Since this was an Ana themed princess party, I thought jewel toned sequin crowns and Ana sugar cookies by the amazing Dolce Bella by Erin were the absolute perfect thing to send our little guests home with!

And there you have it!  What do you think?  One things for sure, this party was so much fun that Birdie still wakes up every morning asking if she can have another "Ana Party"!  Guess my job here as a mom is done!  HAHA!

Much love,