Chocolate, Jewelry, Cards, Lingerie, and Flowers.

These are the main gifts us women usually get from our significant other for Valentine's Day.  

Forever being one to look for fun twists on these classic gifts, I could go on and on about each and every item I've listed in my Valentine's Day gift ideas!  But with each of us having something or another waiting for us to attend to (jobs, dishes, taxes, kids, errands, etc.) I thought I would keep things short and sweet and talk about my favorite Valentine's Day

Now, if I were to have you close your eyes and envision the typical Valentine's Day flowers, what would you tell me you saw?  I'm betting it was most likely roses.  Am I right?  So, why is that?  Why have roses unofficially become the official flower of this lovers' holiday?  Beats me!  However, I do know that if roses aren't really your thing, there are plenty of other flower options out there that are, dare I say, more unique, eye catching, and even budget friendly; giving your significant other money left over to either buy you another gift or take you out for a night on the town.

Valentine's Day flowers

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a rose hater.  They are a beautiful flower.  Honest! But, as I said before, I'm the type of chica who likes things a little more on the unique side of life.  So, since I don't know much about flowers (aside from what I like and don't like) I decided to ask my friend Courtney Carnell, bonafide florist and owner of Foxglove Flowers & Gifts to back me up on why your lovers should look into different alternatives when it comes to buying Valentine's Day flowers...or should I say D-Day?  Ha! I guess that all depends on the guy you ask!

Anywho, here's what Courtney told me to write down in my notes and share with all y'all...

(I decided to break it down into categories to keep it more simple-mostly for me.)

The Main Problem with Roses

1. They are way over priced this time of year.

2.  Floral shops always run low on them during the Valentines Day season.  Hence the reason they are so expensive!

3.  They are unoriginal.  Let's face it, we all like to stand out.  So, if someone were to see you get a bouquet of roses, they most likely wouldn't pay too much attention.  But, if you were to be given a non-traditional arrangement, you are guaranteed to be envied and considered greatly loved.  And let's be honest here, those are two things we all want others to associate with us every now and again!

Other Fantastic Flowers for Valentine's Day

1. Ranunculus


3. Stock

4. Hydrangea

5. Hyacinth

6. Gerondo Daisy

To Make a Beautiful Arrangement, Mix it Up With...

1. Large foliage like Kale or Hydrangea-One of these equals the size of 8 roses.  So by choosing to go this route, it makes the bouquet look more full and expensive.

2. Branches-Pussy Willow, Victorian Birch, and Curly Willow.

3. Greens-Italian Ruscus, Lily Grass, Seeded Eucalyptus, Aspidistra Leaves

Fun Floral Arrangement Color Schemes

1. Classic Look-All whites and greens

2. Modern Look-Pinks and corals with a splash of tangerine

3. Traditional VDay Look (with a twist)-Pink, red, white and purple

Different Ways to Send/Receive Flowers

1. Vase

Valentine's Day flowers

2. Wrap

Valentine's Day flowers

How to Make your Valentine's Day Flowers Last

1. Keep away from direct heat sources.

2. Keep out of direct sunlight.

3. Change out the water every other day.

4. Put 1 TBS Sprite/7-Up in the water. 

Valentine's Day flowers

And there ya have it!  Out of fear for a good majority of you rose traditionalists coming after me with torches and pitch forks, let me reiterate that I have nothing against roses.  I actually do love the flower...just in moderation.  So, whether roses are or aren't your thing, I hope you were able to hack some useful tips that you can use for the next bouquet of flowers you receive between now and Valentine's Day.

X, O, and lots of rose petals too...

P.S. Make sure to check out many more beautiful floral arrangements on Foxglove's IG feed (@foxgloveutah)

Oh, and check out our L.O.V.E pin board for more fun VDay ideas!


  1. Beautiful pictures & great tips! My husband tends to get me flowers a couple weeks before or after Vday because I freak out at how expensive they are! Not that I'm not worth it, lol, but I agree, roses are so over rated & priced - especially for the holiday. Beautiful post! :)

  2. Aw...thank you so much Becky! And, I used to do the exact same thing! Ha! But now that I have learned all the secrets to the perfect VDay bouquet, I won't be doing that any more! Much Love! Michelle

  3. I love flowers! Brock and I are trying to decide what we're going to get each other and how much we should spend. These flowers look so pretty, I might choose these over everything else I want!

    1. Emma (aka Dezi) you definitely should! I told my husband the same thing!

  4. I love this post!! The pictures are so gorgeous!!! Roses really aren't my fave... I love daisies!! I really have been enjoying your posts and how you talk to pros in their fields to get the inside scoop! Thanks for all the great tips!