As a blogger I have definitely had to get used to new things in my life. For example, one thing is constantly getting my picture taken. I'm not going to lie, I've sat in front of mirror and made faces praying that at least one photo will look great at the photo shoot. And because I have been in front of a camera so much more than anytime in my life, I am finally starting to feel more comfortable.
The greatest outcome is shown in the picture above. A couple years back I would have never smiled for a picture. I've been pretty self conscious of my vampire tooth that sticks out. Ahh... now you see it huh? Well, since blogging and getting me picture taken so much I've come to terms with the fact that I am still beautiful despite imperfections. Blogging has helped my self confidence.
I have also learned a few tips about confidence, like dressing right for my body and style. This was really important to me when I attended Altitude Summit a few weeks back. I mentioned it here and also shared my experience. Well, to be confident at this conference I asked for some help from local business and they sure did hook me up. So this post is a HUGE THANKYOU!!! These business were very generous and kind to help a girl feel her top dollar at the ball or er... blogger conference.
 Big Thank You to
Pureza Spa who did my hair, makeup, and nails for the "Let's Party Together" Shirt
Whimsy Clothing for the fab glitter skirt
The Bohemian Market for letting me borrow the beautiful layering necklaces
A Golden Garden for finishing my look with a flower headband
Janay Marie Designs for letting me borrow the gorgeous glitter dress

Here's what I wore each day at Alt Summit


Hair/Makeup: Pureza Salon and Spa
Headband: Forever 21
Dress: H&M
Heels: Guess 
Earrings: Harmony Boutique

 On Wednesday night I attended a dinner with Wayfair at La Jolla Groves in Sal Lake City. Here I was able to break the ice and make an impression because of Janet at Pureza Salon and Spa. She was nice enough to hook me up by doing my makeup with Frankie Rose cosmetics, styling me hair, and doing a fun gel set of nails. For my hair I wanted a loose wave to add some variety to my looks through the confernece. All the staff was so friendly while I was there sipping my sparling water. It was a fun experience and I really like the feel of their salon.

Thursday Day 

Shirt: Custom Order from
Earrings: Forever 21

During the day I wore this lovely skirt from Whimsy Clothing and this custom shirt that the people over at were nice enough to print for me. We had them print, "Let's Party Together", our new tagline. You should see changes in the next couple of months as we roll out our new website.
Everyone loved this look when I wore it. And because so many people asked, we are considering selling this shirt on our site. was nice enough to let us choose the style of shirt. And when I went on their site I was surprised at how many different types of shirts they had. There was over 20! So if you're ever needing a shirt printed I would definitely recommend them.
The skirt was a definite must. I felt dressy but still so comfortable. And I'm excited to be able to wear this skirt forever. Really, this skirt will never be out of style. I've come to think that a sequin skirt should be in every girls closet. They're so fun and if nothing else, they're great for the holidays. I might be wearing mine Valentines Day. Ha! Whimsy has lots of other beautiful pieces so be sure to check them out. I saw Carol Tuttle from Dressing Your Truth while shopping there so it has to be a good place to shop, right?

To finish off the look, The Bohemian Market lent me some lovely necklaces that I was able to layer. Layering is so fun and her different styled neckalces were perfect together. I especially got A LOT of compliments about the druzzy necklace.
Thursday Night

Headband: Think Pink Bows

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Borrowed from Looks For Lovelies

This night Alt Summit held a "Downton Abbey" themed party. I was able to use the headband we had received from our friends at Think pink Bows last fall. My new friend Jacque from Looks for Lovelies helped me style the dress with some pearls and it was a grand night.

Right picture : Justin Hackworth
Friday Day 

Floral Jumpsuit: Missguided
Shoes: Bamboo
Earrings: H&M
Brass belt: One of kind heirloom from my Great Grandma. Be jelly.
Now where did I get all the sass in this pic on the left? Haha! So I had ordered this jumpsuit from England and it came literally Thursday afternoon. I loved this jumpsuit and it was reasonably priced so you can imagine how happy I was that it got to me in time. The layered necklaces and brass accents I thought perfectly portrayed my style and personality too.
I'm going to take a moment to tell you all how sweet the girl over at Golden Garden is. She asked me what kind of flower I wanted and picked one to match my jumpsuit. then she made this lovely flower headband. Here's some fun pics of my look.
Friday Night
Necklace: Given to me
Guys. Wearing this dress, I felt like a movie star. When I brought it home and showed my husband I told him that I don't think I have ever worn such a nice dress besides my wedding dress. I loved how slinky it fit and the flutter sleeves and train were amazing. My favorite moment that night wearing this dress was when I had to dash from one party to another carrying the train in my arms to win a giveaway. And I won! Oh running down the hallways of the Grand America in this was definitely a memory I wont forget soon.
So once again I've rambled your ears off. Thanks for letting me indulge in all the fun fanciness I got to do at Alt. I promise not to do another post about Alt, at least for a while. But really it was so fun, so thanks. And a BIG THANKS again to companies who sponsored me. I was able to walk around feeling so glam. Have a great rest of your week!



  1. you are gorgeous and have such a killer bod! love you mama! :)

    1. Oh thanks lovely!!! You made my day!! Love you!!

  2. These outfits are all so cute!! I was planning on telling you that my favorite one was the party shirt, but then the further I went in the post I ended up liking them all!!!! Ps your hair is GORG in these pics!!!

    1. Thanks so much Cami! All of these were so fun to wear! I don't know if I could pic a favorite outfit. XOXO

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