Hey chicas! If you've been following us this week on Mumsy, then you would have seen my post on Monday in which I shared 10 Unconventional Valentine's Day books and read about how, for the sake of my own sanity, I can only handle the endless hearts, cupids, roses, and red/pink hues in small doses.  Which is why I like to keep things more subtle and versatile when it comes to my Valentine's decor.  For me, when it comes to the Valentine's Day decorations I use in my home I simply can't get enough of more modern items that give a generous nod to the classic side of this holiday that is all about LOVE.   

Typographic Prints are one of my favorite ways to decorate my home for any holiday; but especially for Valentine's Day.  You may have already noticed this, but there are endless romantically themed Valentine's prints out there!  Seriously.  Tons!  So, I went to Etsy, my one stop shop for everything amazing, and picked the best typographic Valentine's Day prints available.

But first, let me show you the one I got for myself from Alexa Z Design

 Isn't it beautiful?!  I absolutely love it!  If you do too, then you should check out her account!  Alexa is one truly talented graphic designer, and has countless incredible options to choose from!  I would have bought out her entire shop if I could have!

Okay, okay.  Now on to the other incredible prints that I found.


The Motivated Type

So where do you fall?

Are you the
 Queen of glitter, hearts, roses, and pink or you like to keep things more modern and trendy on Valentine's Day? 

 For more inspiration, go to our L.O.V.E. pin board!



  1. My favorite one is the last one...simple and fun. Plus, everything in my house is cream, gold, and yellow. Perfect! :)

    1. That is one of our most favorite too Jax. And...the color scheme for your home sounds beautiful. You are exactly right, that print would be perfect in your nest! XO