Maybe it's just me, but recently I have seen a huge trend in jewelry being made from such natural elements as wood and stone.  Which, I am really excited about because I have always had a mild obsession, okay...HUGE obsession, with wearing trinkets that are au natural because they are subtle attention grabbers that go well with almost anything I wear. 

Awhile back, I was checking out a new local flower shop and boutique that had recently opened and stumbled upon a small collection of wooden earrings.  I instantly developed a tunnel vision that focused directly on these wooden gems and nearly succumbed to a robotic voice in my mind began to repeat, "Must buy earrings" over and over again.  It literally took every ounce of my self control not to buy all of them!  But, I didn't leave empty handed, because while I stood there tranfixed in shopping stupor, the creative wheels in my head began to turn; and I came home with a brain full of inspiration that I decided to apply toward making my own sets of personalized wooden earrings.  

After some quick brainstorming, I came up with with three different styles. 

 Natural, painted, and bedazzled. 

Don't you just love them?! 

All three sets are super easy to make and will cost you only a fraction of what you would spend if you bought them online or at a local boutique.

Here's how you make them.

Natural Wood Earrings

Earring posts-I purchased mine from the jewelry making section at Joann's; my personal craft making heaven.

Wood-I got mine from a pile of sticks my kids had been hoarding in our backyard.  But, you could really get your stick from wherever.  And no, size doesn't necessarily matter.  My only suggestion is that you find a branch with a circumference that is equal to or larger than your earring posts and that can easily be cut with a pair of pruning shears. 

Pruning shears-Any brand will do.  Just make sure to get a pair that can cut through at least a diameter of 1 inch.  I got the FISKARS Titanium brand at good ol' Home Depot.

Mod Podge

Paint-Simple craft paint will work great.

Paint brush


Epoxy-My favorite brand is LOCTITE Epoxy Gel with a 6 minute setting time

1. Cut your wood studs. 

2. Mix your Epoxy according to the directions on your bottle and place a small amount on your earring posts.  Then, apply your wood studs, place them face down in an undisturbed location and allow them to completely dry.

3. Glam up your wood studs.

A. If you choose to paint them: Place a small amount of your selected craft paint (I chose a fun silver hued metallic paint) on a paper plate and then paint half of each stud.  You can choose to paint just half of the surface of your stud, or you can continue the paint down the sides of your stump as well (this is what I did) to give it the look of being dipped completely in paint.  Place the earrings on the side that hasn't been painted, and let them completely dry.

B. If you choose to add glitter: Dip the tip of paint brush in your Mod Podge.  Paint the surface of each stud, and then press your studs into a small amount of glitter.  Lay your studs on their sides and allow to completely dry.  Then, paint one final layer over the glitter to keep it in place.  Remember to let it completely dry again.

C.  If you choose to leave them au natural: Paint the surface of each earring with a thin layer of Mod Podge and allow to completely dry.  Doing this will all a nice glossy look to your earrings and protect them from any external elements.

And there you have it!  Three variations of wooden earrings that even Mother Nature herself would be envious of!  


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