Happy happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had the best night even if you celebrated with the kids at nine and went to bed early. Haha! The new year brings so many thoughts of reflection, goals, and aspirations and we are excited to be sharing some of these thoughts with you through the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime we wanted to share a list of fun boredom busters to get you through the cold winter months. Let's talk about this cold for sec. Where we live, it was record warm weather... until this week. Can I say, "What the heck?". I mean, I know that it's important for the environment and all but, "Holy freakin' cold?!" Well, you may be home bound like us and wondering how to keep the littles from becoming crazy heathen chicken children. We have the answer. Here is a magical list of awesome unique ideas to do and keep sanity in the home. We'll just say you're welcome.

20 Winter Boredom Busters

1. Turn on some upbeat tunes and have a dance party in the living room.
2. Build a blanket fort and pretend you are camping. You could even make s'mores.
3. Do indoor bowling with empty soda liter bottles.
4. Make a masking tape car track. Have the track go over furniture and around the home and even up walls.
5. Cut snowflakes.
To do this, fold paper in half. Then in half again. Then fold the paper bringing diagonal corners together to create a triangle.
Cut shapes out of the sides being sure not to cut completely across the triangle.
6. Get out the watercolors and paint.
7. Have some fun playing card or board games.
8. Bake together.
9. Play with pipe cleaners. Let the kids create and twist away.
10. You could let the kiddos create edible art with marshmallow and pretzels. They can have fun sticking the pretzels into the marshmallows. Use the marshmallows as connectors to build houses, cubes, triangles and anything imaginable.
11. Read a book together.
12. Make the living room into a movie theater with popcorn and dim the lights.
13. Go on a color hunt. Send the kids to collect certain colored items in the house.
14. Go on a letter hunt. Look for items that start with a certain letter.
15. Create a pillow course. Pull the pillows off the couch and create an obstacle course. The rules are if you fall off you are in the lava.
16. Do a puzzle.
17. Make a masking-tape balance beam.
18. Play hide-n-seek in the house.
19. Send the kids on a treasure hunt. Hide clues for a treat hidden in the home on slips of paper with clues. Each cue should lead the seeker to another clue which eventually leads them to the treasure.
20. Have a picnic in the living room.

This list was also shared on Mom Click here. What activity ideas have you used that are not on this list? Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! And good luck making goals and trying to be better humans.


  1. Great ideas!! Simple and inexpensive! I wish I would have had them 30 years ago!

    1. Terri. We hope it will help some mammas out there, and maybe some grandmas too!