Today's DIY project is brought to you by my endless quest to find a fun, simple and modern outfit for my children to wear on Valentine's Day and beyond.  As you know, I always love to see how far I can stretch my dollar.  But, I also like to dress my kids up in themed clothes for the holidays.  So, when I set out to buy something, I specifically look for clothing items that can still be worn WAY after all of the holiday excitement is over.

In the past, I have always been able to find things that met my needs and requests.  However, this year, I have had no such luck!  And, being ever determined to have my kiddos rocking an awesome outfit this Valentine's Day, I decided to get creative; and came up with a simple t-shirt design that all three of my kids could wear!

Making this Heart Breaker T is super SUPER easy; requiring only a few different things to create it.  Simply print, snip, trace, and transfer and in no time at all, you'll have created something that your kiddos will love wearing!

Let's get started!

Heart Breaker T-Shirt

Heart Breaker Printable


Heat Transfer Vinyl-I got mine HERE

White T-Shirt


1. Save this Heart template to your computer and print it off.

2. Cut out your printable and then trace it on to the back (non-shiny) side of your heat transfer vinyl with your fine-point marker.

3. Cut out your heart pieces and then place them where you want then to go on your shirt.

4. Place a thin piece of fabric over your vinyl and iron your broken heart for 60 minutes.

5. Allow your broken heart to cool, peel off the plastic covering, and then dress your cute little models in them and start taking some pics...m'kay?

And, don't forget...we love seeing your own finished versions of our DIY projects, so make sure to share them with us Mumsy gals on Insta and Facebook!

Love ya!