Oh Friday. Sometimes, for me, the weeks just fly. This week has been one of those weeks. I have been so busy getting ready for the blogger conference I am attending called Alt Summit. And since Wednesdays my life has been networking, workshops, and sequin dresses. I am pretty much spent and we are going into the last day of the conference. I AM really excited though to share my experience with you all and all the faboulous outfits I was able to wear! thanks to many sponsors I have been fancy for the last couple of days. Haha!
In the meantime here's a super fun business I'd like to share with you today. We have Chelsea Hamblin of Seaport Stitches here on the blog guest posting about her business, it's inspiration, and her thoughts on motherhood. She owns Seaport Stitches, an etsy shop, and  makes all of these fantastic canvas bags. Aren't they adorable! I have been using mine and it has been so sturdy and well made. So do read on about her inspiration, it is really awesome the good she is hoping to do with her business. And who doesn't love a good business trying to contribute some good in the world?
Here's some pictures taken by the talented Karisa Broadbent of our bags, which we love oh so much! Read on to meet Chelsea and read her post below. Stay sweet!


Seaport Stiches: Canvas and Leather Bags

My name is Chelsea Hamblin. I am a wife to a dental student and a mom of two boys. I recently opened up an etsy shop where I make and sell handmade clutches, totes, diaper bags, and really any kind of bag. My love for sewing started when we moved from Arizona to California for my husband to start dental school. My days were filled with taking care of my son (I only had one at the time) and in the evenings I would sew because my husband was gone studying all the time. I started out by making myself a diaper bag, and then a beach bag, and before I had my second son I made myself a new backpack diaper bag. I love sewing so many different things, but bags are my favorite.
                It gets hard trying to balance being a wife, mother, and trying to find time to sew things to fill my shop. I want to be good at all of these things and sometimes I find myself feeling like I can’t do any of it. There are nights where I stay up really late to work, and there are other times where my boys are right next to me checking out what I’m doing. The other day I was attaching straps to a bag and my 2 year old was right next to me copying me with his toy hammer. I’m still really new at this and trying to find ways to have separate time for work and being a mom. I feel really blessed to be able to stay home, but sewing bags helps me to keep my sanity and feel like I have something for myself. When I am happy doing what I love, I am able to be a better mom, and I want my kids to have an example of a hardworking, happy momma.
 I will admit the thing that has suffered the most since I have started my etsy shop has been my house. Laundry, mopping and vacuuming, and dishes are the easiest thing to put off when I’m trying to work and still give my family the attention that they need. I just try to tell myself that it’s okay if dirty dishes and laundry take a little longer to get done. It’s more important to spend time with my kiddos and my husband when I can. I know that this stage won’t last very long and I try to keep that perspective in mind. Messes are just memories that have been made right? I’d rather have memories and a busy life than an immaculately clean house.
I have always loved caring for kids and as the second oldest of 6 kids I grew up babysitting. Seven years ago I volunteered for a group called Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO). They are a non-profit organization that works with orphanages in Ecuador. They send volunteers in to give the kids and babies more attention that they need. The nuns who run the orphanages simply don’t have time to play, hold, or give any extra attention to the kids. They are busy enough making sure that the kids have food, clean clothes, and a clean place to live. OSSO has had a lot of success since they started sending in volunteers. One of the head nuns at an orphanage said that before OSSO came in, infants would pass away each month. They weren’t able to keep up with all the work, but now with help from volunteers things are greatly improved.
 I went down to Ecuador for 6 weeks and worked in orphanages. It was an incredible experience that has affected who I am today. I wanted to take the opportunity that I have with my etsy shop to give back to OSSO and to do anything I can to help those sweet kids that I worked with. That is why I started donating %10 of the proceeds from my etsy shop to OSSO. They have been short on volunteers lately and might have to consider shutting down one of the sites they volunteer at, if they aren’t able to get enough volunteers. I also hope to create awareness for OSSO because I am passionate about their cause and believe that the volunteers not only help the babies, but the babies will change the volunteer’s life for the better as well.
I read a quote that said, “You can’t buy love, but you can buy handmade, and that’s kind of the same thing.” I loved it because it is so true! I put so much love and effort into choosing materials and sewing my bags and I love sharing them with others who love them as much as me! And when you buy from my shop you not only buy love, you can also feel good about giving love to some sweet babies in Ecuador who don’t have mommas of their own. These past few months have been an adventure and I have learned A LOT and I’m so excited to see what this year brings. So buy and give some love and please spread the word!
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