It's 2015 and it is resolution time. Time for reflecting and striving to be just a little better of a human being; another year to be a little happier and content. This year I did what most of you did, I sat and thought about my life. I thought about my flaws or things I wanted to do this year. I saw on social media that some of you were trying to take resolutions at a different approach. One person I saw decided to pick one word to sum up how they would like to improve. Isn't that fun? If I had to pick one word for this year, I would pick strength. Another person I noticed had designed a fun chart for helping them achieve their goals. I think it's really neat that all these people are trying to improve themselves a little at a time and doing it whatever way they can.
So for me I have decided to have an adventure and learning experience. Yes, adventure motivates me.

I am going to fast for a year.

And when I say fast I mean, willingly abstaining from habits in my life. You could call it a little experiment. Each month I am taking something out of my life. they say in order to change a to create a habit you need to do it for 30 days so this is how I'm going to attempt to be a better person this year, day by day, and month by month.

I really don't think the idea is that crazy. Hard maybe but not outrageous. Fasting has been practiced for as long as we know. And in religious context it practiced often. Heck, lent is just around in corner.
The fast will include giving up habits like clothing shopping to eating sweets. So you know how I feel, the habits I choose to give up are not necessarily bad. Some of the actions I just could do a little less of in my daily life. Other things I will fast from were chosen to increase my appreciation for my quality of living. And some of these are just because I would like to experience everyday just a little different. I believe it is also wisdom building and refreshing to experience life without conveniences. I will be announcing that months fast at the beginning of each month. I will also be sharing my experiences periodically on here as well as on social media. At the end of each month I will weigh in and share my experiences too.
And so we are clear, for any experiment there needs to be clear standards and measures. So for this experiment here are the terms:
  • This experiment is from January 1st, 2015 - December 31st, 2015.
  • The fast will include me giving up something every month.
  • Each month I will begin a new fast and announce it here.
  • I will report at the end of each month about my experience.
I needed a daily constant reminder of this project. To help me remember my monthly fast I have decided to tie a little reminder to my finger. You know, the old string on a finger trick. Since I am wearing this for a year I had to make this fun, durable, and creative. So with each month I will tie a new colored string onto the brass ring to help me remember.
  I also I think it's important to replace that behavior with a different one, kind of like a plan to be successful. I have learned in my life that you can't just take something out of your life. There's a hole. You have to fill that void. So each month when I announce my fast I will share how I plan to replace that habit.
 I bet you are wondering what Januarys fast is. For January I wanted to start with a behavior that I feel should be a priority. I have decided that this months fast is yelling at my kids. When I say "yell", I am talking about negative overbearing aggressive loud communication towards my children.

 I have already started this fast and it has been tough. I knew it would be. Parenting is not perfect. Nor is motherhood. As all of us are striving to be a better moms.

With us already five days into January it's been eye opening to focus on this habit. Isolating this specific action has made me realize that while I may not be screaming at the top of my lungs, I do raise my voice at my children often. I've also noticed that I yell in public because it's a lot of work to chase them around and my kids are quite the handful. Love them, but if you met me, you know. Another scenario I've noticed is I yell at home so I don't have to get up.

So to replace this behavior I will talk sternly to my children when I need to but try not to raise my voice above a speaking volume. Another behavior I am going to replace yelling with is to make myself get up and talk to my children face to face. And I'm going to use a positive reinforcement schedule to help enforce my incentive to not yell at my kids.
 Oh, please wish me luck. I have had to catch myself numerous times. I do believe though that by not yelling at my children they will have greater respect for me. I also believe they will talk nicer to one another. I hope this helps them learn that they can be assertive and controlled during a stressful situation. Please don't think I judge any of you if you yell at your kids. I normally do. And I'm pretty sure I am going to be running into my room fifty times a day to cool down because I am not a perfect human being. Oh boy, what have I got myself into?
If any of you brave souls want to join me I welcome any of you to share in the fasting whether for a week or a day. Whether you give up the same thing as me or something you feel you would like to give up as well, please join in. Or if you don't want to that's ok too.
Since you're probably wondering what else I will be giving up, some of my thoughts are to give up driving, makeup, and grocery shopping. Really, I have a whole list so you'll have to check out the other months. Oh, and pray for me. Pray for me to have strength.
Love to you all even if you think I'm crazy,


  1. I hear you on the yelling thing. It's definitely something I need to work on.

  2. I have been thinking about joining you since you posted. I will be honest and admit that it scares me to commit to this... But I'm going to join you and start today! I'm going to Stop yelling as well! I need to work hard at it!

    1. Katie! I think that is so brave of you. I was really scared as well to commit to the whole year thing. Like I said in this post, modify your goals for yourself which may mean you do the fast for longer or shorter or maybe do a completely different fast.