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5 Ways to Improve your Energy

 Before becoming a health coach, I had just given birth to my second child and I was insatiable; I ran out of steam by mid-afternoon or earlier every day. I needed my sons to take a nap because I needed my nap, too! My second child was just two months old, so interrupted sleep was a regular and frequent occurrence, but I still wished there was something that could help me! My husband had been steadily gaining weight, year after year (just a few gradual pounds per year) and my encouragement to “eat healthier” or “exercise more” didn’t help him. After discovering my program, my husband was able to lose nearly 30 pounds and has maintained his loss for nearly 2 full years now utilizing our healthy habits! He has more agility, energy, and mental acuity from maintaining those habits. I was able to get more restful sleep, sustain my energy levels throughout the day, and keep up with my rambunctious boys! So what did I do?

    1. Eat Breakfast
Eating breakfast within an hour of waking (preferably within a half an hour) kick starts your metabolism. Not a breakfast person? Try starting with something small (about 100 calories) such as a protein shake, a small serving of oatmeal with PB, or a Greek yogurt (beware the high sugar varieties!).
  1. Then, eat frequent, balanced meals
From the time you eat breakfast to an hour or two before bed, try eating 5-6 small, protein and carbohydrate balanced meals/snacks, spacing them two to three hours apart. The protein helps keep you satisfied until you eat next and the carbohydrates will help you feel energized more immediately. Keeping the balance will help you stabilize your blood sugars, allowing your body to use energy on the things that are most important for you – like chasing a child who’s resisting a diaper change or running errands to plan that holiday party at work – instead of overworking vital organs and resources to compensate for the imbalance. I love Dr. Wayne Andersen’s ideas in Dr. A’s Habits of Health; eat your meals with a 9-inch plate in mind, filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruits, one fourth with starch (grains, potatoes, etc), and the last fourth with protein.  Eating this way three times a day and then having three 100-200 calorie snacks or fueling breaks in between will help keep that energy going. Think protein and carb for the snack; an apple and peanut butter, a Clementine and a string cheese, almonds and dried cranberries, celery and hummus. The right balance is KEY! Before doing this, I was eating goldfish crackers or graham crackers and milk (sometimes with a fruit or veggie) with my kiddos in between meals as my “snack”, but I still had that afternoon crash. Some of those foods were not nutritionally dense and my body knew it!
  1. Make time to get adequate sleep
The recommended amount of restful sleep for both men and women is now seven hours per night. Everyone is a little different, so listen to your body. If it’s been a while since you’ve listened to your body, you may need to retrain yourself, so start with around seven and find the right amount for you. Create a routine by setting a bedtime that accommodates most days. Then participate in regular “wind-down” activities each night (drink a cup of herbal tea, brush your teeth, read a book, meditate, or snuggle in bed). Check out the amazing apps and website resources available, too! “Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock” is a great one that will track your sleep cycle and wake you during the lightest sleep with soothing sounds. Feel free to Google, “sleep apps” or search in your app store to find one that suits your needs.
  1. Move your body
It sounds contrary to what you’d think, but moving your body more leads to increased energy. Our bodies need movement to grow and even sustain muscle mass. Did you know you lose muscle every year after age 30? This happens less when our bodies have been used! Weight lifting, running, Zumba, aerobics, water aerobics, cycling, and other formal workouts are fantastic, but moving in simpler ways can add up to make a difference in our generally sedentary lives. Things like cooking to music (and dancing while cooking), parking further away at the grocery store, engaging your core while at a computer, pacing while on the phone, and getting up to talk with co-workers (instead of sending an email) can increase our level of activity substantially over time. This was how I survived that lack-of-sleep-post-baby-fog; moving my body by actively playing with my then three year old, dancing in the kitchen and lifting my baby while cooing at him were things I could grasp and even accomplish in those early post-partum months. Trying to get up earlier to work out after a disruptive night of sleep was not and did not happen… except in my dreams!
  1. Meditate
Meditation increases your mind’s ability to focus. Start with taking 10 deep, slow breaths at first, then gradually increase your meditation to 5, 10, 15, or more minutes. Most people find that taking the time to meditate actually increases efficiency and effectiveness in other activities during their day. Take a look at or the “Calm” app; there are guided meditations that help you refocus and clear your mind. There are other great resources out there, too. I have used the calm app to help myself and my children learn to be calm and have greater clarity over the past year – it’s wonderful!
These are a few of my favorite energy-increasing tips for the New Year! I’d love to hear what works for you. Want to join my upcoming 5-week long health challenge, beginning on January 12th . The official start date for the challenge was January 12th, but you can join as late as January 25th. It’s called “The Healthy Games”, and we’ll be focusing on the tips I’ve covered and many more, all centered on creating lifelong health while reaching our goals! Where do you want to be in 2015?  Feel free to contact me by going to my website and requesting more information or giving me a call.
To a healthier and happier 2015!
Jacquie Carter
(801) 367-9753


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