Valentine's Day. 

A holiday that oozes hugs, kisses, hearts, glitter, red, pink, and sweets...lots and lots of sweets.

Though I love each and everyone of those things, the thought of reading about them over and over again from now until February 14th makes me want to gag!  I don't know about you, but I can only take the overtly mushy gushy traditional Valentine's stuff in small daily doses.   So, for myself and any of you who are just like me, I have come up with a list of 10 unconventional Valentine's Day books that put a fun twist on this romantic holiday; making it very easy for you to enjoy reading them over and over again!

Here ya go!

10 Unconventional Valentine's Day Books

Valentine's Day books that your entire family will love

By: Alison Paul
In this stunning black and white picture book, readers will follow jail bird Bruno on his quest to find and be with his one true love by Valentine's Day.

By: Joyce Wan
Just like cookies and milk, a parent and child go perfectly together.  With beautiful, bright pictures and a simple text, this book highlights the special bond between a parent and their child.

By: Salina Yoon
Penguin was out looking for love and instead came across a mitten.  Next thing he knows, he is on a quest to find the owner.

By: Kara LaReau
Mr. Prickles longs for a companion, but none of the other forest animals like him because he is too prickly.  Then, one day, he meets Miss PointyPants and love is finally in the air!

Valentine's Day books that your entire family will love

By: Michele Casteel
Wanting nothing more than to fix their relationships with their human friends, the rancid family decides to host a Valentine's Day party.  Because, what's more uniting than a celebration of love?

By: Kelly DiPucchio
Mortimer the zombie is searching for love.  Going every place he can possibly think of (the local gym, ballroom dance lessons, and even an online dating site!) to find a ghoul, Mortimer is just about to give up when he finally bumps into the love of his nightmares!

Valentine's Day books that your entire family will love

By: Linda Kranz
Sharing images of her stunning rock art, Linda Kranz reminds us that not matter what...the people we love most are always with us.

By: Rachel Bright
Being the only monster in Cutesville, can make it very hard to find love.  But, this funny looking monster isn't going to sit around and feel sorry for himself.  So, he sets off on a journey into the great big world to find the love he knew he was always meant to have.

By: Beegee Tolpa
Read how different people say, "I love you" in this beautifully illustrated pop-up book that features some of the most iconic structures on Earth.

By: Eric Telchin
In this stunning photographic book, readers learn that If they look hard enough, they can see hearts and find love absolutely anywhere.


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