It feels "Frozen" in here. I know super corny. Sooo... You can probably uess that Michelle and I never grew up. As I was walking out the door for this photo shoot my husband said something like, "You just wanted to play dress up huh?". So here's a super fun photo shoot we did for you all. We had the best time doing this shoot. Seriously I haven't laughed so much while getting my picture taken, and that says A LOT! We even did a little acting. Didn't Michelle nail the super fun happy Anna? And I couldn't stop laughing while trying to be serious Elsa. The pictures were taken by the fabulous Karisa Broadbent. Aren't they beautiful? And the snowflakes and editing were done by Jason Shufford Jr. So be sure to scroll to the bottom and we hope these pictures make you smile.


Michelle's beautiful hair style was done by the talented people at Pureza Spa. Also check out the list of fun ways to make Christmas magical below.

Making Christmas Magical

With Christmas practically here, I wanted to share some festive activity ideas if you are looking for something to do this weekend with the family. Here's a list of some activities that are sure to make the day feel magical: 

  1. Make gingerbread houses.
  2. Blast some Christmas music.
  3. Read Christmas books from home or take a trip to the library.
  4. Get a letter from Santa.
  5. Drive and look at lights in your neighborhood
  6. Take the kids to visit Santa
  7. Get a personalized video from Santa.
  8. Check out the reindeer cam.
  9. Make hot cocoa.
  10. Get a phone call from Santa.
  11. Look at pictures or watch family movies from past Christmas.
  12. Take holiday photos.
  13. Sing carols.
  14. Plant a candy cane. Have the kids place a peppermint in the ground and in a few days there should "sprout" a candy cane.
  15. Bake cookies or whatever fun Christmas treats you'd like.
  16. Drop gifts off at neighbors.
  17. Check for local parades and events.
  18. Make holiday crafts.
We wish you all a super do-able and magical Christmas season! Hope you enjoy the rest of these pictures. We sure had a fun time!