Headband from Think Pink Bows and moccs from Freshly Picked
December is a crazy insane time of the year. I'm pretty much in freak out mode. So I have to apologize if I accidently text you or haven't responded to your emails. There's just so many crafts to make, cookies to bake, magic to make happen, cards to mail, and trees to decorate. Ok, I'm going to go hide in a corner for a minute... and I'm back.

Today we are featuring:

Trendy Arrow Mommy and Me Skirts

Let me start by telling you a little about Trendy Arrow. This Etsy shop is ran by the nicest chica named Brooke. But more importantly this girl means business. She sews all of these quality skirts here in the good ole' USA so you are supporting handmade US products. Her shop offers different trendy prints that you are sure to love. And she gladly welcomes custom orders. She recently did a mommy and me skirt combo with a matching tie. This is perfect for the holidays, right? And Merry Christmas to you, if you use the code "Mumsy20" you can get 20% off your order! Hooray! You can also find Trendy arrow on social media sites too.

By the way have I mentioned how cute the mommy and me factor is?! That's right, you heard it right, these are little baby pencil skirts. Baby pencil skirts!! Yeah, I died. Even my hubby thought it was adorable. My little girl ran all around the park in her skirt too! 

"Mermaid in Training" top from Small Tribe Clothing
Another factor I loved about this skirt is the functionality. This time of the year it helps to have practical good clothes to do all of the craziness in. Enter these amazing Trendy Arrow Mommy and Me skirts. Ladies, I cannot tell you how much I fell in love with this skirt after wearing it for a day. I picked a day that would be super busy for me. On this day I also needed to look "put together" and at the end of the day I had to get dressed up in a dressy outfit, so this day was perfect to put this Trendy Arrow skirt to the test. Oh man through out the day I ran chasing kids and even have the muddy boots to prove it.

 I was able to go throughout the day because of the amazing stretch this skirt had. The skirt is a jersey knit that's thick and durable. These factors get high marks in my book. I could not run around in December in a skirt unless it was made of thick but moveable fabric. Another awesome factor that I was in love with was the fact that it stayed in place really well. You can see in the picture below the wide band on top that helped to keep this fabulous item in place. Really, if a mom of four kids can live in it, it must be a fabulous skirt. 

I think one of the best things about this skirt is how versatile it is. And just to prove it I not only wore this skirt all day street style, but then changed for a more dressy engagement in the evening! Check out these lovely shots taken by my very own lil' sis, Carla, and see how I dressed this skirt up.

My shoes are from Target. My necklace and earrings are from Forever 21. My kimono is from Lularoe .
Adorable right?! These quality skirts are perfect for this Holiday season and also for Christmas. So leave this page up on the computer for the hubby to see. Hopefully that will send him the "hint". Haha! And just in case you didn't see above there's a discount code for 20% off, just use "Mumsy20". Alright lovelies, I'm going to go and get my weekend on. This week has been crazy and almost every night I have been gone doing something, so tonight I am staying in and getting some quality time with the kiddos. We plan on decorating the house. What's your plans for the weekend?

As always, much love to all of you!



  1. Oh how I love this!!! I do quite enjoy matching my daughter lol a Thanks for sharing this fun etsy shop; it has been added to my favorites!

    1. Since having a girl I have loved coordinating and matching. And when I saw this baby pencil skirt I about died! It's so little and cute. So happy to hear it you love it too!