the true meaning of Christmas

It's Christmas Eve. It's finally here! For my post today I wanted to share some quick thoughts on Christmas and the holiday season. Sometimes I feel like I talk too much on here. I know, I shouldn't, but I do feel this way. So to get some fresh voices here, I asked friends to share their thoughts on Christmas. So before I share the thoughts of my friends and family and my own, I'll ask this question, and I'd like you to really think about it.

"What does Christmas really mean to you?"

Here's what others said:
"CHRISTmas, to me, is a time of reflection. Remembering loved ones who have passed on in all the memories and traditions we've shared over the years. Spending quality time with those closest to me, showing love and appreciation. Giving to those less fortunate, keeping the true spirit of CHRISTmas. Most of all, I enjoy seeking solitude in silent prayer as I thank my Heavenly Father for his unconditional love and for blessing us with the greatest gift of all...our Savior, Jesus Christ. Gratitude in all things!!"
"To me Christmas is love. Love was the intimate gift. At this time of year it's like there is an extra dose of love always swirling around and it's contagious. I love it.
- Katie

"Christmas to me is about Christ, humility, and family. I love the joy it brings to my soul and the great spirit it brings."
"Christmas means recognizing the example of Christ's life by giving time, service and gifts to others."

"Christmas to me is a time to celebrate Christ's birth. It is a time to draw closer to Him and to be more like Him as we give gifts to others. It is a time for greater faith, family, and selfless service. That being said, it is a challenge to keep it simple so that Christ does not get squeezed out of Christmas. It is a time to teach our children about the real gift of Christmas and how we are to be like Him."
- Andrea
"A chance to live with new hope and find peace to carry through to the next year. It is a time to come again unto Christ, to be of service, and to make memories which will bring us joy the rest of our lives."
- Khristine
I loved each other these beautiful women's responses and I'm grateful they took a second to share.
Christmas to me is all about the magic and the feeling of love. So during the Christmas season I will do everything I can to create this environment. Our home is decorated because I want my children to have the memories of a magical holiday like I did. I have so many memories of my grandmas German windmill carousel and her dancing animated Santa toys. I have so many memories of Christmas morning. And while it's daunting to have the responsibility of recreating this for my children, I love knowing I can! So decorating and doing little activities with my children are a big part of Christmas.
I also strive to incorporate Christ into the season. Our family believes He is the reason for the season. I also love all the service and giving. There are two widows in our neighborhood who have lost their husbands in the last few months. They have young children. And our neighborhood and many family members have done so much for them. It truly touches my heart. They have had gifts and stockings all provided. One of the widows even had a radio station surprise them at their door. This is what the Christmas season is about. It's about smiling more, giving more, and laughing ,more.
Christmas is joy. Christmas is love. This is what Christmas means to me. I truly hope you have a splendid day. And if you have time, feel free to share your thoughts about Christmas below. And if you don't comment I understand you are busy with your family as you should be. Merry Christmas!!!

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