Since getting married, Dave and I have always just used a random, but favorite, family picture for our Christmas cards.  Though I have always loved each and every picture we've ever selected, part of me has always wanted to do winter/Christmas themed picture.  So, when Think Pink Bows sent Birdie  and Nora the CUTEST Christmas ensembles ever, I just knew this was my year!  Now before I go on to explain how I did my own Christmas photo shoot, can i just say how amazing Think Pink Bows Christmas outfits and accessories are?!!!  Seriously.  They are to die for!  Our sweet little girls were dressed head to toe in frills, ruffles, stripes, festive Christmas colors and peppermint candy galore.  You make think that's a bit over kill, but trust us it wasn't.  Our little sweeties were absolutely adorable!  And your's can be too!  Before it's too late, stop by Think Pink Bows to purchase every and anything from leg warms to headband that your own little girl(s) can wear to all the upcoming holiday festivities!  

Ok, moving on to the pictures...

Though I would've loved to have these pictures taken by a professional, Dave and I are on a budget.  And that is totally A-O.K. because, despite contrary beliefs, it's good to save money.  

Knowing I had a good camera, an endless supply of wrapping paper (thanks to Tash) and a good amount of Christmas decor, I called up Natashia and we compiled our resources together for a fun and festive photo shoot that we did in the middle of my kitchen.

Yep, I said kitchen.

Don't get me wrong, photography studios are amazing!  But, when it comes down to it the two things you need for any amazing photo are natural light and a complimentary backdrop/background.  So a blank white wall in my kitchen with Christmas wrapping paper tapped on it was perfect for me!    True, you need a camera too, but it doesn't need to be a DSLR.  Heck, up until just a few months ago, all the pics I took were either with my phone or a simple point and shoot camera.  It can be done my friend.  It can be done!  

Oh, and then there's editing.  Of course, there's photo shop, which is a photographers dream come true.  But it's EXPENSIVE!  And rightfully so!  It's an incredible program!  But, if you currently don't have the money to spend on it, there are other options that will doctor up your photos and give you an incredible finished product.  One of my all time favorites is Pic Monkey.  And for simple photo editing, it's FREE!  I use it ALL the time!

  The only thing left to worry about after that, is props.  If you want them.  Personally, I think they're a hassle.  I generally like my pictures to only highlight the people who are in them.  However, every now and again, I like to switch things up.  So, Tash brought a few items she found at our local Dollar Store and I contributed some of my Christmas decor.  And viola!  You have everything you need to create a professional looking holiday themed picture for your Christmas cards!

Easy Peasy!


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