Happy Monday Mumsy.  How is the Christmas decorating going?  Are you all finished or still have a few things left to do?  With the craziness of having three kids and generally just a lot of things left to do, I still have a few small things that need to be done.  But, I can proudly say that I at least say that I got my Christmas tree up and decorated.   A feat that I honestly thought wouldn't happen until just before Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas trees, I have a question for those of you with small children.  Do you decorate you entire tree and train your children to leave it be/deal with constantly redecorating it after you children have taken ornaments off OR do you only decorate the upper half of your tree, almost completely eliminating any ornaments being removed?  I have tried both, and in both scenarios my kiddos have still flocked to our tree like insects do those florescent bug zapper contraptions.

I wish I could say I was a patient woman, but that is something I am still working on.  So, to help in this endeavor, I decided to come up with something that would divert my children's Christmas tree fixation elsewhere; and ended up with an interactive felt version that now takes up residency on a wall in my children's room.

Oh my gosh, never did I think my kids would love it as much as they do!  Talk about a Mom win.  Most of the time I feel like motherhood is a total crap shoot, and I never know if the things I try are going to be a complete fail or an exhilarating victory.  Luckily for me, the victory was totally mine this time!  Thanks to this creation, my Christmas tree no longer gets tormented and I am able to regain some of my sanity.  Plus, forever a teacher, I made my felt ornaments in the standard shapes and colors that my kids need to know by the time they go to Kindergarten.  So, my kids are learning and having fun all that same time!  A total score for me!

Overall, this project cost me $9 and only took me an hour to make.  Whether you too are looking for a way to save your Christmas tree or are just looking for a fun holiday project, you will love this interactive felt Christmas tree!

Felt Christmas Tree

2 yards of green felt-I purchased mine at Joann's for $2.99 a yard

Felt Sheets-I used a 40% off Joann's coupon and bought a package of 20 for $3


Fabric Marker or Permanent Marker

Seamstress measuring tape

1) Make your ornaments.  I made my shapes by tracing various items and then cut them out. 
*Note you can get your shapes by making your own templates on card stock, cutting them out, and then using them to trace around on your felt OR you can find various shaped objects in your home and trace them (I did that).

2) Trace your tree.  You will do this by: 

A-Folding your 2 yds. of green felt in half vertically.

B-At the base of your felt, measure 6 inches away from your fold and then draw a vertical 6 inch line.  This will be the trunk of your tree.

C-From the top of your 6 inch vertical line, you will draw a 15 in. horizontal line.  This will be the base of your tree.

D-From the end of your horizontal line, you will draw a diagonal 57.5 inch line that will end back at the fold of your felt.

3) Cut out your tree.

4) Unfold your tree.

5) Place tree on your wall.

After that, all that's left is you and your littles decorating and re-decorating your tree to your heart's content. 

With Christmas only 2 weeks away I hope that you are able to find joy and merriment among the hustle and bustle that comes with this wonderful holiday season.


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