Happy Wednesday to all of you! I'm so sore from dancing last night! We were able to go to a fab event to gather supplies for the women's shelters here in Utah. It's really so awesome all the ladies who came and contributed. And as I was dancing with my chicas I was also thinking how awesome it is to have friends. I have met so many people through blogging, good hearted, happy, fun people, and I am so grateful to know these amazing women. The talent these ladies have is amazing. And what's more powerful is their drive. They could move mountains, and I am privileged to know them. It inspires me. So keep being awesome all of you out there. You never know who you will influence.
So onto todays craft. I'm stoked to share how I made this fresh holiday wreath with you. I personally love making my own wreath because its a fun festive way to start off the holidays. I am also a big fan of the whimsical and woodland type themes in Christmas and saving money, so this craft is a win-win. A fresh wreath can be more than thirty dollars at the store. So check this frugal sucker out. I made it for this fresh Christmas wreath for under five dollars!!

Fresh Christmas Wreath 

fresh pine, spruce, holly, or festive sprays
Free. go hunting around your neighborhood and yard for some fun native sprays.
dark green thread or floral wire
$ .20
$ .05
1. Gather the longest sprays or the sprays you would like to have behind the others.
2. Gently push the ends into wreath. Place one spray facing one direction and another at the stem facing another direction. So you should have stems going down each side. Try to space out the branches and sprays you have so it is equally divided. You can also lay out the sprays first if that helps.
3. Start working through the other types of sprays if you have them filling in the gaps.
4. Once all of your sprays have been placed tie a loose knot around the top of your wreath with the thread. Gently wind the thread or wire around the wreath securing any loose or out of place pieces. If using thread be careful not to pull too tight.
5. Last tie the twine at the top for the loop to hang.
So there you have it! Hang it up and enjoy your own wreath. Please let me know if have questions. Have a great Wednesday and happy crafting all of you out there! I'm gonna take a ibuprofen and chill out today, ha!

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