Slooooowwww down December! I'm freakin' out over here!!! I feel like I have to get stuff done now or it will be Christmas Eve tomorrow and I'll be depressed that I didn't get anything done.  Why hasn't someone invented a time machine or something and slowed this sucker down!
So what have I been up to? For starters I have ordered my Christmas cards, decorated my home, wrote out a gift list with family names and the presents I have for them, and all the craziness of life. Now I am someone who loves to create. So some of these presents are homemade and I've been trying to get these done because these take the longest.
I love homemade gifts and try to make a few every year because I feel like they are so personal. The custom touch you get from a homemade gift is so fun. I am also frugal so making a gift makes sense to me. I usually pick crafts that save me over 50%. And during the holiday season who wouldn't want to save a little mullah? I also love making gifts because I just love to make stuff. Crafting is fun for me so if any of these reasons to make a gift fits you here's one of my most recent crafts/ gifts.

Family Matching Game

Today I am sharing this super fun idea that is so fun for the kids, nieces, nephews, and aunts and uncles. Anyone who likes games will love this gift, especially families with small children. It is a custom family matching game with pictures of your family members on sturdy wood tiles.  I chose this craft because our family values games and encourages quality time. There are also many siblings scattered throughout the world and thought it would be really fun if these little cousins of my children could see and practice family names often. So here's how you make it.
Thin (1/2 inch or thinner) wood piece or a more cost effective substitute is cardboard or poster board.
A tool for cutting the wood into two inch or three inch tiles. I used a table saw.
Printed pictures of family members
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Scrapbooking Paper
1. Buy supplies. I wanted to note that I purchased my wood at Joann's and used that lovely 40% off coupon available on your mobile Joann's app. Also, Joann's accepts competitors coupons so be sure to pull up Hobby Lobby and Michaels coupons as well for multiple items. You could also purchase the wood at Home Depot.
2. Cut the wood into the size of tiles you'd like. I would recommend 2 X 2 in or 3 X 3 inch tiles. Be sure to use safety precaution and protective eye wear and ear plugs.

3. Sand the edges of each tile. Clean any shavings or debris off of the tile.
4. Print the pictures of family member twice. Make sure the faces are scaled down to fit the size of the tiles you'd like to fit. So the faces should be either smaller than 2 X 2 printed or 3 X 3 inches. If you have Photoshop you can resize the images and place two on one picture to save on printing cost as I did. If you don't have Photoshop the cost is still low and there's usually some photo coupons available. You could also print the pictures from home to save costs. If you really wanted the printed look and you don't know anyone who could help with this, you could email me at and I might be able to help.
5. Cut out pictures of family members.
6. Cut out squares a little smaller than your tiles of the scrapbooking paper. You could cover the entire piece of wood but I wanted to have some of the natural wood showing.
7. It's gluing time! Using the Modge Podge, spread a thin layer of glue onto the wooden tile.  Place a family member picture onto the tile.
8. Next spread a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top of the picture from edge to edge to seal the wood and protect the picture.
9. Repeat steps 7. and 8. for each tile and each side placing a piece of scrapbooking paper on one side and a picture on the other.
10. Let dry and package with some bakers twine.

Voila! This craft comes out to be a little under $10 for all the crafts. I encourage creativity in crafting so if you think of a different way to do this craft or some variation then roll with it. You could always print off squares with monogram letters for the family name instead of using scrapbooking paper. Just be sure to use thick paper so it dries well with the Modge Podge.
The wooden tiles should help this gift to last through the years. And family, no matter how far away, will be familiar with faces and be thinking of each other often. Isn't that so fun! Well, off to do another craft! Much love to all you crazy holiday crazed people out there!


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