Mommy and Me Fall Outfit Ideas

Hey all of you! First, can I say I've been addicted to Jimmy Fallon clips. Secondly I'd like to say, "Ew!".  It's getting out of hand, I watched Jimmy Fallon way too late last night. And I may have watched the "Ew" Song with multiple times. I know, "Ew!" right?

Ok ok , onto the fun outfits and beautiful fall photos. They're so beautiful I first need to tell you about this amazing photographer of a woman named Karisa from Karisa Broadbent Photography who shot these fantastic pictures. I've been so impressed by her photos! I mean, check out that aperture with the blurred out background. It's magic. Please check her out if you are local, she does amazing work.

With Thanksgiving basically tomorrow we are so excited to show you these lovely pictures. If you're looking for festive fall and Thanksgiving outfit ideas, I hope these pieces can be of some help. It's so fun to dress up for Holidays and with our little girls it couldn't be any more fun. Festive outfits always add a fun flair. Here's our fall outfits and how you can get these items too.

First, check out these beautiful headbands and necklaces from Think Pink Bows? Have you heard of this fantastic shop? If you have little girls you should check them out. I mean, come on, how perfect are these autumn inspired headbands and necklaces?

As you noticed we also sported some awesome leg warmers from Think Pink
Bows. They are so unique with lace trim and buttons going down the side. In my opinion they matched perfectly with the rustic fall theme. And they're perfect going into the cold winter season. I like my legs toasty.
 We paired these items with our own DIY vinyl accented feather shirts. The vinyl is from Daily Craft Vinyl. We used heat transferred vinyl to make these lovelies. That's right, I said, heat transfer. How fun is it crafting with vinyl you just iron on? It's super easy if you're wanting to make your own feather shirt. First print out this FREE printable feather template designed by moi. Resize the feathers when you print by selecting the page size. Take a look at these awesome pictures and you can see we did different designs so feel free to get creative with these feathers.

Ok, once you have printed and chosen your designs it's time to cut these feathers out. Whip out your ironing board and plug in your ironing board. Ok next grab the shirt of clothing item you want to attach the vinyl to. Place the feathers where you would like to have them. And gently iron the vinyl onto the shirts. You can also read more tips and instructions and even watch a video here on Daily Craft
Ok lastly, can I take a moment to talk about our outfits. If you follow our Instagram account then you might have seen that we attended the recent Pinners Conference. While we were there we met the friendliest woman named Kim. We were able to shop through LulaRoe's clothing line. They have fantastic styles and prints and are so comfy. So here's what items we loved. Michelle chose this navy blue patterned tunic. The shirt fits fantastic on her and we love how it form fits her arms while still having that loose feel that's thankfully so in right now! I chose the mustard lace skirt I am sporting. This skirt has an elastic band so I know I can easily chase the kiddos in this. The skirt itself is a classic A-line style that I'm certain will never go out.

The neat thing about LulaRoe is you can host party and get free clothing items. They're totally on point with great styles. If you're interested in knowing more, hosting a party, or just shopping you can click the link above or email Kim at
 Do you have any fun plans or ways to celebrate? We will be traveling so it's time for me to start packing, "Ew". Alright that was my last one. I know it's next week but I'm just gonna say it, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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