Chores.  BLAH.  Even as an Adult, I hate them.  But, we all know that a house doesn't manage itself.  Which is why I have done my darndest to find ways in which I could genuinely be excited about house work and in turn, get my kids excited about it too.  Because, as we all know, work builds character.  Seriously.  All joking aside. 

Now-a-days, I feel like society is all about teaching our children to simply expect the world, hell the whole universe, to them on a silver platter; completely dismissing the old, yet very true addage, "You have to work hard for the things you want most in this life.".  However, all is not lost!  Life's most crucial lessons are taught in the home.  Many of them being issued through chores that have been around since the beginning of time.  So, with that being said, I want to turn the rest of this topic over to Pheeby Snow.  A phenomenal Mumsy who knows a thing or two about how to make chores an all inclusive and enjoyable  experience for every member of your family.

If there was some magic trick for maintaining a perfectly clean home with minimum and even no effort, life would be so much easier. Unfortunately, such universal solution is really not likely to be invented soon. We are all bound to the good old and often quite tiresome means of cleaning our  homes for life. Yet it might be much easier and less time-consuming when we get some help from the other inhabitants,including the youngest ones. And if you wonder when and whether you should include your children in the daily household activities, I believe the following few paragraphs might help you. 

Scholars claim that people and kids more particularly need to feel needed. And what a better way to show them they are equally important family members than to assign to them some daily or weekly chores. Thus, you will not only be given some help, but you can also teach your young ones responsibility, something they really need to be introduced to. 

Experts believe that if chores are tradition in your family, you can include your children in the chart of household activities from the age of 2-3. At first they can do simple things like putting their toys away or piling books and magazines. Mind you, do not expect perfection from the very beginning. Be patient and try not to jump in to help. Practice makes perfect as we all know. So, initially, you might want to show them how to do the chore, then have them do it under your supervision and finally they will be ready to do it all by themselves. You should also be specific in your instructions – use simple words but provide your kids with detailed explanation of what exactly they are expected to do and when. It is recommended to use professional help from companies like PerfectCleaning  for your cleaning chores.

When your children grow a bit older, you can discuss with them what chores they feel most comfortable with. Be sure to assign to them activities that are appropriate for their age. For example, you cannot expect from a 4-year old one to make their own breakfast, sew buttons, or do the ironing. This might turn into terrible disaster with quite unpleasant consequences.

You can include your young ones in the family chore chart, but you can also make them one calendar with their daily and/or weekly household tasks. You can buy those or download and print them out. But you can also do them, encouraging your kids to help you. You can add as any columns as you like. For example, you might have one for the activity and one to make a check mark when it is complete. You can also add a column for a deadline. Let your children decorate the calendar as they please. You should also place it where it could be easily seen.

How many chores should children be assigned to? Well, it depends mainly on their age. Experts suggest that preschoolers can handle up to two simple daily tasks. As for the older children, you can even assign to them some extra chores, if you think they might feel comfortable with that. You can also try to motivate them by offering them some small rewards for successfully completing their tasks. However, you should be really careful, since this might turn into the only reason for your kids to do their chores.

To sum up, if you want to make your young ones feel as if they are equal members to the family and  to teach them some important life lessons, assigning some household tasks to them is a really good way to do it. Thus, you will not only receive some help, but you will also have some fun with your kids. 


As Pheeby stated, "Practice makes perfect.".  And I absolutely love it, because that's what motherhood is all about.  Practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  So remember, if house hold chores don't initially go the way you planned don't sweat it.  Do the best you can, teach your children to do the same, and know that that is enough.  The rest will work itself out.  It always does.


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  1. This was great. I've been thinking about chores I can have Matix do. Good to know he can only handle two tasks like chores a day. You mums always have the best stuff on your blog. 😘

    1. Haha! You are the sweetest Ashley! So glad this was helpful for you!