Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Ok, it's t-minus eight days until Thanksgiving! Boy does November go waaaayy toooo fast.

For Thanksgiving my family is traveling to Arizona for a huge family reunion for my husband's side of the family. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I'm pretty excited for this reunion because there's guaranteed to be loads of activities and amazing food. My husband's aunts are pros when it comes to making Thanksgiving Day amazing. There is sure to be an epic turkey bowl, festive centerpieces, and perhaps even an inspirational thought. Since there will be hundreds of us, I am always taken back by this familie's efficiency. It's freakin' awesome what they're able to accomplish!

Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Unlike my husband, I do not have a million cousins so Thanksgivings with my family are smaller. One thing I love when I spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family is I have the opportunity to work side by side with my sister and mother. I love this! It's awesome what a few humans can produce in a couple hours! By the time we are done there is an impressive spread of meats, vegetables, and breads that we all anticipate throughout the year. And I will cherish these memorizes of working with my mother and sister for as long as I live.

Spending Thanksgiving with either family is always amazing. A few years ago both my husband's family and mine came into town for Thanksgiving and I was a part of the planning and hosting. Boy was it crazy. So if you're hosting or planning Thanksgiving this year and need a few tips, look no further. I was going to make a checklist for you all and then I noticed there were a million online. Need a centerpiece idea? How about some FREE printable place setting cards. No sweat. Here's the best lists, printables, and schedules the internet has to offer!
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How to Plan Thanksgiving Day and Dinner

 (There's a bajillion to choose from or use them all. Whatever.)

Setting up THE TABLE
 ("the table" should be said in spooky voice since setting up the Thanksgiving table is kind of a scary thing. For reals. BTW you can print all of these for FREE!) 

Centerpiece Ideas
Have alook at it ladies. Let me know if you've seen one that's not here and I'll add it. .

ALL of the centerpieces below and 60 others can be found here!

However you're planning on celebrating Thanksgiving this year, big or small, it can be an amazing days with cherished memories. That's one of the best parts of Thanksgiving in my book; the fact that we gather together with our loved ones, sometimes more than family, and feast in honor of the blessings and good in our lives. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays because of this.

If you are a pro, as I know some of you out here are, what advice do you have? What are some of your keys to success when it comes to Thanksgiving? I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and I hope these lists facilitate that. Safe travels!

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