With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, I have found my kids and I spending more of our time indoors.  Which means that my kids get cabin fever quite frequently, and go absolutely bonkers.  How about you?  In order to keep my little beasties from completely demolishing our home and my sanity this time of year, I'm constantly scouring the internet for fun and simple activities that will keep their little hands out of trouble.

Time is a complete rarity + coveted luxury in the life of any mother, so spare yourselves the task of finding indoor fall activities for your kids to do, because I've  already done the work for you!  Yep, I searched through endless Pinterest pages so you didn't have to.  I guess I could consider this my act of service to my fellow Mumsies this year.  Ha!  Done and Done.  So sit back, grab a package of Bon-Bons and enjoy looking through my top 10, knock yo' socks off, 

Fall + Thanksgiving Activities for kids

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