My beautiful neighbor, kids, and niece.

Buying Halloween candy can also be costly too. At a popular grocery store a bag of mini chocolate bars is $8.98 for 80 pieces and the price soars from there. While looking at different candy available for Halloween I saw candy priced as high as $19.98 for 250 pieces! Our list has some items that are pricey too but we also share some very inexpensive options that are still fun and healthier than traditional candy.

So, now, here they are my healthier options for Halloween loot:

Healthier Options for Halloween Candy

1. Cheese and Cracker Packets - 6 pack for $1.00

2. Fruit Leathers - 30 pieces for $25.00
3. Dollar Store Party Favor Trinkets - 250 pieces for $1.00
4. Stickers - 250 for $1.00

5. Coloring Page and Crayons - $2.00 depending on the amount of coloring pages in the coloring book and amount of crayons

FUN IDEA: Buy a Halloween coloring book, or you can use this FREE printable too, and a box of crayons. Cut the pages out of the book. Package one coloring page and two crayons together by folding the coloring page and placing the crayons inside the folded coloring pages.

6. Halloween Pencils - 10 for $1.00
7. Small Cutie Oranges - 3 lbs for about $3.00
8. Army men for boys / Hair barrettes for girls - 50 for $1.00
9. Fruit Cups - 6 for $1.00
10. Balloon Animals - Pump is $2.97, balloons 25 for $2.79
I love this last option because I have seen how awesome it is! One of my neighbors does this every year and there is a line because everyone wants a balloon animal. So don't worry about not being the "cool" house when choosing healthier options. As parents we enjoy the fun of Halloween but the crazy sugar high our children experience afterward can definitely kill our excitement so I hope these and Michelle's ideas can give you other options for please the rug rats.

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