You all know Halloween is my favorite holiday, but it is also my son's favorite holiday too!  When it comes to anything creepy, crawly, or spooky, he instantly becomes obsessed with it; especially when it comes to the things he wears!  So, I thought it would be fun to transform a pair of sneakers into a set of oogly googly shoes that he can wear any place he goes!  If you too, have a Halloween-loving little kiddo then this DIY project is the perfect bonding activity for the two of you to do!

DIY Swamp Monster Sneakers

Camo Converse Sneakers-I got Gus's at Walmart for $12.97.

Super Glue

Googly Eyes

1. Glue the eyes all over your shoes without over lapping any of the eyes in order to get the strongest bond.  

2. Allow the glue to completely dry.

3. Let your kiddo enjoy wearing their new googly eyed shoes with any and everywhere they go, and get ready for second glance or two!



  1. Such a fun idea! I think I will make me some for our school's Halloween Parade