During this time of year, my kids and I love to go for nature walks!  The world around us is just so beautiful that we can hardly contain ourselves indoors! So, with baskets in tow, my older two kiddos eagerly race out the door and quickly begin to fill their baskets with all of the Autumn treasures they can possibly find along the way.

When our walks are finally over, each basket is brimming with nuts, leaves, twigs, grass, bark, and sometimes a bug or two that my kids simply refuse to part with; and being quite the collector myself, I totally get it!  So, I've compiled a list of go-to art projects/activities that my children and I can do to get the best use and enjoyment out of the treasures we always find on these nature walks.

Currently, Gus has been very interested in art.  And wanting to foster this newest love of his, I thought it would be fun for Gus to tap into his artistic talent, and create a collage out of all of the items he found on our most recent nature excursion.

Lucky for me, this project was very low key.  Making it very easy for Gus to manage on his own and allowing me to sit back and enjoy just spending time with my little nugget.

Whether your kids love art, or just love doing things with their hands, this activity is the perfect way to bond with your kiddos and bring a little bit of Nature's current beauty indoors.

Nature Collages

Twigs, leaves, pine cones, grass, and anything else...besides bugs...that you can find outdoors.




Paint Brush

Card Stock

1. Divide you child's nature items into separate bowls to make it easier for them to pick and choose what they want to use in their collage.

2. Using equal parts water and glue, make a mod podge like consistency in a small bowl.

3. Using a your paint brush, you can first model to your child how to dip the brush into the glue mixture and then paint it on a portion of your card stock.  Then, have your child select a nature item or two from the bowl and place them in the glue mixture you just put on  your card stock.

4. Let your child take over and watch their creativity jump onto the paper.

5.  Once your child is complete with their collage, place it in an undisturbed location to dry over night.

6. When the collage has completely dried and set, find an easily viewed spot in your home where you can display your child's piece de resistance.

Happy Monday!

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