It's all about the plaid this fall! Now, we are big fans of wearing what you feel most comfortable in. You can read more about that in a awesome post by Michelle that talks about wearing whatever the heck you want to here. So even though plaid is a trendy or fashionable right now, it doesn't mean you have to like it or wear it. In fact, I wasn't the biggest fan when plaid fashion first started becoming trendy. I personally feel like I don't look the best in collared shirts because of my broad shoulders. And I didn't know how to quite wear plaid fashion without looking like a lumberjack or a farmer.

 I did however love the fall and winter feel that plaid gives to a look. I mean, when I look at all that plaid it makes me think of a warm cabin surrounded by trees and the light frost of winter. Don't you just think plaid and then hot chocolate, delicious hot chocolate? So I wanted to find some fun and maybe different ideas of ways to wear plaid. And if you are wanting to wear outfits with plaid too, I've got some awesome ways of wearing plaid for you.

Plaid Outfit Ideas

Tip #1: Pair feminine pieces with plaid. 

For me, I feel like a plaid shirt can be masculine so all of these looks have a flair of femininity. In a handful of these looks I am wearing a bib necklace to add femininity and variety. Other ideas are to wear lace, silk, or tulle with you plaid.

Tip #2: Try layering when you wear plaid.
 You can layer with cardigans like pictured on the left. Or another plaid outfit idea is layering with a jean vest for a more urban feel as pictured on the right. Also try layering with a full jean jacket with black pants, a blazer, sweater, or sweatshirt. Adding the layers will not only keep you toasty this cold season but helps step away from the harsh look of plaid and jeans. Don't you think?
Tip #3: Dress up your plaid.
I love the tulle skirt and plaid top look as it mixes style types as pictured on the left. You get the ultra feminine feel from the skirt with a harsher feel from the top and they get paired to make this beautiful combo. Usually when you think of plaid shirts you may not think of them as a "dressy" piece, but don't be afraid to try some more formal pieces with them like the blazer plaid top combo on the right. Other ideas are tuxedo skinny jeans with a plaid top tucked in or a pencil skirt. Just throw on some pointed heels and you're ready!
Tip #4: Change up the bottoms.
Instead of wearing traditional jeans try a pair of faded distressed jeans, black, gray, or white skinny jeans to get away from the farmer or lumberjack look. For most of these looks I tucked in my shirt to give these plaid shirts a more sophisticated look.
Tip #5: Step away from the plaid button up.
This way is my favorite solution to wearing the plaid trend because it gets away from the plaid shirt problems I was having as mentioned above. If you don't like the button up or collared look you can definitely find other alternatives. Try a knit cardigan as pictured on the left. Or just look for clothing with plaid prints such as this 3/4 sleeve top on the right. (This plaid top was under $10 and you can read about where to get it here) Michelle has a plaid blazer she has been wearing this season and I think its a great example of this tip. Look for plaid skirts, t-shirts, or even dresses with hints of plaid. Forever 21 has a good selection of plaid that steps away from the plaid button up and that's where I got the cardigan on the left. Shopping time maybe?

Tip #6: Wear it in accessories.
If you can't get into the plaid look but wanted to sport it a little you can always have it in your accessories. You can find plaid scarves like the one pictured above on the right, bangles, and purses to add to your outfits. Another fun way to wear plaid is to tie it around your waist. Bam! You're sporting the plaid trend without really wearing it. You could tie it around your waist with a t-shirt or sweater and it looks great!

Tip #7: Mix textiles and patterns.
I think this tip is super fun. And my creative side says, "Yes!". Try wearing a lace undershirt and plaid. Or try leather pants and plaid. Don't be afraid the think outside the box. You could also try floral prints, leather, or suede with plaid. You really cant go wrong.
Alright, so there you go. Plaid in a nutshell with lots of different ways to wear it! How do you like to wear plaid? Or do you even like it at all? Which look was your favorite? I'd love to hear about it! Have an awesome Tuesday and as always much love to you all!


  1. Love these!!! I know I need to update my fall wardrobe, that gray sweater and plaid cardigan would be awesome in my closet!!!

    1. Danielle, they are timeless pieces. Thanks for the love!!