Happy October Mumsies!

There are many reasons we here at Mumsy love October.  But, the number one reason we love this time of year is because it's our Birthday month! Holla!  Being the party animals we are, we couldn't just celebrate turning one on October 7th.  That would be utterly ludicrous!  So, we will be dedicating the next week to every and anything that has to do with Birthdays and can hardly wait to share all of our fun posts with you!

To kick things off, I will be sharing how I plan and prepare for any kind of large scale party that I throw. 

Whether it's a Birthday party for one of my children, a baby shower for a dear friend, or holiday soiree...I have learned that organization is the key to preserving the majority of my sanity whenever I transition into hosting mode.

 Obviously I am far from being a professional party planner.  But, it is a passion of mine, and with each party I throw, I learn something new.  Therefore, it would be against my carnal nature if I didn't share what I know with all of you.
So here ya go!

How to Plan a Party

1) Come up with a budget! By doing this you will be able to give yourself a good guideline and direction on what your party can/can't consist of.

Note: If there are some things you really want for your party, but know there is no way in Hades you can afford it, get creative!  You can do this by getting crafty and replicating what you want using things that are more friendly to your budget OR you can do a trade!  If you have a pretty big following on any of your social media feeds, most businesses are willing to give you product at a discounted rate/for free if you reference them on your social media sites.  

2) 2-3 months (maybe even 3-4 months out) before the big day, begin to think about the concept/theme you want for this party and make a list of all the things you'll need.  Then begin to contact anyone you will be resourcing out to...I.E. Cake Decorator, florist, entertainment, etc.

3) Make a check list!  I cant tell you how many times I told my self I didn't need a check list because I have the memory of an elephant.  Of course, each time I do this, I always end up leaving out some big details that usually result with me turning into one hell of a hot mess!  So, whether you formulate something on paper or your smart phone, make sure to keep track of everything you need to get done and then quadruple check that you didn't miss anything.

4) Come up with games and activities that call for things you already have in stock.  For example, I hoard felt, pom pom balls, feathers, paper plates, craft paper, makers, glitter glue, pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks like a troll hoards gold; so I make sure any party craft that I do calls for these things. By doing this, I always save myself one less trip to the store and money that can be spent on something else that i want for my party.

5) Always, and I mean ALWAYS, come up with a plan B, C, & D.  Very rarely does anything every go according to plan.  So, if you always make sure to cover your tracks and come up with a few alternative options, you will always end up having a fabulous party that you and your attendees with never forget for all the right reasons!

Much Love!

P.S. If you're looking for any ideas for any upcoming parties you will be throwing, feel free to check out these past posts.

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