Halloween Games

I remember going to Halloween carnivals as a child and playing all the fun games. There was this one game I remember playing where you had to stick your hand in a box and feel grossness that was supposed to be body parts and spooky things. The ickyness was actually food items but as a kid it might as well have been witch eyes.
 Well, I'm bringing that game back this year to add some fun in my hood. You could always make this a game for a party where you let the kids try to figure out what each hole has inside. I've seen people write out the answers and then number the holes and let the kids guess and match. So this game is great for Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats, or carnivals. This year I'm going to have my Touch and Feel Game out by the door for trick-or-treaters to have a little spook if they daaarrree (said in a spooky voice).

Halloween Touch and Feel Game

1. stinging worms = noodles 
2. bugs / chipmunk eyes = black beans 
3. giants toes = carrots
4. bat teeth = corn kernels
5. bleeding heart = tomatoes with the skin boiled off
6. brains = wet sponge/ cauliflower
7. witch bones = stick pretzels
8. witch fingers = green beans

Great Hallow games ideas
Other suggestions: 
Dried Apricots = Dried-up Tongues
Spider webs
Peeled Grapes = Eyeballs
Fake Fur
Tines of a Plastic Fork = Vampire Teeth
Soft Flour Tortilla = Skin (can add a little oil)
Corn Husk Silk = Hair

Halloween is almost here! Can you believe it? I'm kinda freaking out because once Halloween is over, Christmas is basically here. November and December seem to go like a million miles an hour. And I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with life. EEk! Well here's to one more weekend before the scary day and one less thing on my to-do list.


  1. How did you make the box for the Halloween touch and feel game?

    1. To make the box for this game, get two boxes that are the same size. Cut out three hole in each box, and then duct tape the boxes together. XX