Hey guys!!! It's Mumsy's first birthday! Like, we did it. We are just about to hit one year since our first post. We survived this crazy web blogging world and are still going strong! Wahhoo! It feels amazing! It went fast, but then I think of all that we did and how we have changed and man it's been one full year! In honor of our first 12 months I'm going to share 12 facts about our first year as Mumsy. Here we go.
1. You guys probably don't know this, but, we launched the beginning of October last year on the very day Michelle had her baby boy. If you had seen our previous profile pictures, Michelle and I were insanely prego. And I remember we had picked out a day to launch and then getting Michelle's text that she was having her baby the night before. That crazy woman said, "Let's still launch!" So yeah, funny enough, the birth of The Mumsy Blog is also the birthday of Michelle's littlest.
2. We have blogged our buns off. We have posted at least four times a week since we launched EVERY week! Sheesshh...
3. If you didn't know, we do a monthly feature on our blog called Inspiring Mums where we ask inspiring people to share their wisdom. And it has been a privilege to have them on Mumsy. These posts are under our features tab. Here's a look at their guest posts. 
Inspiring Mums

4. We originally started with three Mumsies. Michelle, myself (Natashia), and LaChelle were the original co-founders and writers for the Mumsy Blog. You can read LaChelle's Farewell post here.
5. You should know, our name is Mumsy, and we like to party. We partied at other bloggers parties, book releases, Bright Nights, and many other fun soirees. Seriously! We love to party so much we had to throw some of our own rockin' parties this year. Did you see them or even come to one?!! If you missed them or wanna take a look at a Mumsy party, here you go:
Mumsy Events
6. These are Natashia's two favorite posts that she wrote: 
7. Here's Michelle's two top favorite posts:

8. Saying that we changed our hair is a bit of an understatement. So you will notice that I (Natashia) started with long brown hair, then chopped it for a pixie cut and bleached it! Then I went back to my natural color. Michelle started as her natural blonde haired self. Then she dyed her hair brown. So sorry for the confusion. We probably won't do any more drastic hair changing anytime soon, I think.

Left: MadMarie Photography / Center and Right : Heather Bliss Photography
9. Did you know that we guest post on and write for the Daily Herald monthly?! We both live in Provo and love it so we share the best parts of Provo on Provo Insider. And for the Daily Herald we plan to share crafting tips, recipes, and more stories of womanhood.
10. We have worked with dozens of amazing vendors and entrepreneurs and we couldn't be more grateful or thankful for their generosity. We have done tons of collaborations and product testing. And almost everything we have had at our events has been donated. Thank you!
11. We are all over social media sites. If you haven't connected with us yet, then please do. We love talking on Instagram and Facebook.
12. Last, did you know that Michelle and I have never been professional bloggers or marketers? We were and still are mommas just like you. We do know how to kick some serious trash and get stuff done. But we are mommies of crazies with imperfect lives striving to bring happiness and inspiration to the world!
So there's you go. 12 things you probably didn't know about us. And we aren't done yet! We have a awesome new series and some events already in the works. Thanks for celebrating our first birthday and second day of birthday week. Now let's make this a party. Go turn on some tunes and get on up on the dance floor. Shake it in honor of us.


  1. I loved reading all these facts about you guys. You both look great as blondes and brunettes.

    1. Thanks so much!!! Hopefully we will make up our minds. lol