"Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome when you're part of a team!!! Everything is awesome. When you're livin' a dream...." Man that song is annoyingly catchy!
 Having three boys means our home is filled with cars, action figures, play guns, and of course, Legos. My oldest, who is seven, is actually quite obsessed. So naturally when the Lego movie came out it was mandatory that we watched it, and watched it, and bought it, and watched it some more.
Legos have taken over our home. We watch the movie, Legos are everywhere. And I'm certain that when we move we will find a bucket load of Legos. So can you guess what type of birthday my seven year old wanted? Here's day four of our birthday week, Lego themed birthday party ideas galore. Happy Birthday Mumsites!! 

Lego Themed Birthday Party


I designed a FREE printable Lego invite for you all! When you download and print them they would work best as a 4X7.


For the decorations I used the colors red, blue, yellow, and green. I also used Duplo's for the utensil holders. You could use Duplo's or actual Legos to do this. I printed some free straw toppers from here. I also made this "Everything is awesome" table sign which you can get for FREE here.  


For the activity I had the kids color their own Lego masks. Then we took turns playing pin the head on the Lego. The fun part about this is it doubles as two activities at the party and a party favor. I printed the masks on cardstock from here. The body for the pin-the-head-on-the-Lego is printable here and here.

The Lego Cake

I made the cake real simple but still fun. I decided to make it red velvet to go with the red colors in the party décor. The cake is a giant Lego piece. I made the bumps from giant marshmallows cut in half. And the writing is just black icing from the store. I also found Lego shaped candles at a local grocery store, so there you go. For the outside I found candy Legos at a local grocery store. I know that you can find these bad boys at candy shops as well. Come on, you can't have a birthday without insane amounts of sugar right? Cake covered in candy bits, it's perfect!  

Party Favors

For the kiddos I sent them home with pencils with Lego faces you can print here, Lego sharpeners I found at Dollar Tree, Lego candy bits, and sunglasses. I figured the sunglasses were the perfect touch to finish off the "awesome" theme. 

So there you have it! A simple and completely manageable Lego themed party. I really thought about doing some of the elaborate Lego ideas from Pinterest cause there's definitely lots of cool ideas. But this is what I was able to do and guess what? My son still LOVED it!
If you're feeling ambitious however, here's some of the other fun ideas I saw:
Hooray for parties and Legos and all the happiness in life! I hope this helps you plan you're next Lego themed birthday bash. Thanks for stopping by!  

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