September 23rd marks the first day of fall.  With only a few weeks left of Summer, there are a few things that I'm trying to get my fill of until they are gone for another nine months.  One of those things, is Raspberries; and here in Utah, they are ripe and ready for the picking! 

So, Dave and I packed our kids into the car and drove down to our favorite local raspberry farm, McBride's Briar Patch.  After about an hour of picking, and sneak eating, raspberries, we came home with three pans filled to the brim!  Normally, my family and I would have at them in their glorious, natural state.  But, this time I decided to divvy up the berries and transform them into four of my favorite Raspberry indulgences.

As you read on, you will notice that all of these recipes are super simple, and none of them have anything to do with canning or making jam.  Yes, I have tried to do both, but have never been successful at either.  So, instead of cooking up a storm of verbal profanities and feeling like a complete undomesticated failure, I decided to stick with recipes that would show how pretty damn creative I am in the kitchen.  Haha!

Grab a pen and paper, take what you want, leave what you don't want, and enjoy the remainder of Summer!

Raspberry Recipes

1) Simplified Raspberry Compote

(Serves 2)

Take 1/3 cup of raspberries and pour them into a bowl. Add 2 Tablespoons of sugar and 1/8 tsp. of almond extract.  Smash it all up in a bowl until it's as smooth or lumpy as you like and then nuke it.  Yep, warm it up in the microwave and then use it as a topping on one of your favorite breakfast dishes like pancakes, crepes, french toast, waffles etc.

If you are looking for some good breakfast recipes go here and here.

2) Fresh Raspberry Butter Cream Frosting

1/2 cup softened butter
1/2 cup raspberries
1 tsp. lemon
1/8 tsp salt
1 (16 oz) package of powder sugar

1) Beat the first 4 ingredients together until creamy.
2) Slowly add powdered sugar, mixing at a low speed until blended and smooth after each addition.
 (NOTE: To avoid having frosting that was too sweet, I didn't use the entire package of powdered sugar.  If you are like me, just taste the frosting periodically until it reaches your desired taste.)

3) Frozen Raspberry Clusters

These are so easy to make!  In 3 simple steps, you will have a yummy and healthy treat that you can keep all to yourself or share with others.  Here's what you do...

Greek Yogurt

Dip each raspberry, one at a time into a bowl of Greek Yogurt (I am currently loving Chobani Vanilla Flavored Greek Yogurt), fully submerging the raspberry.  Then, place your yogurt covered raspberry in another bowl that you have filled with crunchy granola.  Gently roll the the raspberry around until it is completely covered with granola and then place it on a cookie sheet.  Once your cookie sheet is filled with raspberries, put it in your freezer and leave it there until each cluster has frozen.  Mine took about 20 minutes.  Remove the cookie sheet from the freezer, place your newly formed treat in a bowl and enjoy!

4) Raspberry Chocolate Morsels

You will need two things for this.  Raspberries and white and dark chocolate chips.  Clean/dry your raspberries and then, with the tip of your chocolate chip facing downward, place your chocolate chip in the opening of your raspberry.  When you eat these babies, make sure you are in some dark and isolated corner of your home; because, if anyone sees you eating them, they will beg you to share!

Bon Appetit Mumsies!

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