I hope you are as excited about this post as I am. I'm sharing the second half of my playroom post. My first post I was so excited to share the embroidered "Oh The places you will go" sign made by Stich-A-Bees Designs. You can see my first post here. So now it's time to share part 2, how I made the hot air balloons and an easy way to add vinyl shapes to your walls.

I'm a big fan of creating an environment for imagination and magic. I wanted the playroom to have elements of whimsy. So I came up with these hot air balloons to create an environment for fun and play. Read on to see how I made the hot air balloons and vinyl triangles.

DIY Vinyl Wall Shapes & Hanging Hot Air Balloons

Vinyl Triangles

1/2 sheet of premium vinyl per wall
The vinyl cost me less than $2 with a coupon from Joan's.

  1. Cut the vinyl into a shape such as a rectangle or square. You could also use a paper punch and punch out shapes such as circles.
  2. Unpeel and arrange about 2 feet apart from each other and staggering the heights.
  3. Fill the entire wall.

Hot Air Balloons

 For the hot air balloons I purchased most of the items from Dollar Tree so the cost for ALL three was under $10!
rubber balls
purchased mine from Dollar Tree


 small boxes
 I used gift boxes from the party section.

 sheet of burlap paper
I purchased this in the paper section of Joan's.
hot glue

 hot glue sticks

 tacky glue

1. If you bought the gift boxes like I did, you will need to cut off the handles.

2. Measure and cut squares from the burlap paper that would fit each side of the gift boxes.

 3. Hot glue The squares to the sides of the gift boxes.

 4. Cut 4-20 inch pieces of twine making sure that the thread is allowing enough height around the ball and from one side of the basket to the other. Your ball may be a different size than mine so be sure to check before cutting.

5. Start by adding a large amount of glue on the top. No one will see the top as these will be hanging so don't worry about making the glue pretty.

6. Lay one piece of twine in the drop of glue at the halfway point.

7. Repeat for the rest of the pieces staggering them along the balloon. Start by making an "X" and then add to fill in with the last two pieces.

8. Secure these pieces by adding generous amounts of glue and tacky glue.

9. Now lay your basket on it's side and the ball and twine on it's side. Line up the twine ends and the basket making sure to keep the ball equally elevated above the basket.

10. Add more glue wherever you see weakness.

11. Finish by adding a loop of twine on the top for hanging.

Thanks for crafting with me today. Please, please, please ask me questions. Sometimes this all makes sense in my head and then I've had others ask me about the instructions on my posts and I am more than happy to clarify. I hope you enjoyed reading about the new playspace and the fun and affordable DIY pieces.
As always much love and strength to all you other moms out there who are doing amazing things each and every day behind the walls of your home or out in the world. Women are amazing. You are amazing. So, much love!

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