It's Friday! Life is crazy for me over here. We have three birthday parties to go to this weekend (one is my own child's...), an epic double date, our blog is participating in a community event called Chalk the Block, and I can't forget all the little things in life too. This reminds me, we need to get some milk tomorrow. Yup, we are crazy this weekend, and almost everyone I have talked to is too! What is it with this weekend? Anyway, enough ranting and whining. Let's talk about my play-space redo.

I called this a play-space redo because some of us do not have enough space to have a full play room for our kiddos, which is fine and this includes myself. If you happen to have a whole room for toys, kudos. Whatever size and space you have in your home, I am a firm believer that we should work with what we have been provided with. There is a lot of pride to be gained from working with your space and making it the best you can. At least that's how I feel when I turn a bland small space into a room of fun. I stand back and say, "Heck Yeah". So we are doing a series in the October called, "Keepin' It Real" and I can't wait to share more thoughts about our homes and having a "real" standard. But if you can't wait for our series, here's a great read about decorating a small space.

Mixed Modern Play-space

So to keep it real, I do not have a full room for my kids toys but it's real and totally do-able to have a space that is imaginative, modern, and maybe has a touch of classic elements. I own many vintage toys as well as vintage prints but I also love modern shapes and bold colors. So I married the two in our bright and happy vintage modern play-space. The main colors of the space are sunshine yellow, grass green, black, and white. I have accent colors of red, orange, royal purple, and blue. All colors are bright and bold and I love it along with all the embellishments that came together to make this space. 

 So how did I do it? What embellishments did I use? What can I make at home? How much did I spend for the projects?

Slow down with the questions... sheesh. I'll start with my favorite embellishment for this space. This post is Part 1 of the series about the playroom so don't worry, I'll answer these questions in a later post.

 For today, the first piece I'd like to share is this lovely canvas from Stichabee Designs. I was so excited to get this canvas for the space. It is modern but incorporated the imaginative and playful feeling I was hoping to achieve for the space. I couldn't not believe the precision of the hand embroidered work on this canvas! This girl knows how to get beautiful lines and crisp images. There is also an option for custom designs at the shop as well. So I am in love with this canvas which captured one of my favorite quotes, "Oh the places you will go!" Oh and to sweeten the deal, here's a bomb-diggity discount code to Stichabee Designs, MUMSY15. Use this code to get 15% off! 

 On my next post about the playroom I'm going to share how I spent less than two dollars for the vinyl triangles and how I made all three of the floating hot air balloons for less than seven dollars. Great projects so stay tuned! You can see pictures below of these two projects. I am really excited to share with you all how I made this come together through the magic hot glue and fun, so look forward to Part 2: Mixed Modern Play space.  We can all have fun spaces no matter how big or small the space is and I hope this gives you inspiration. Have a awesome weekend.

You guys rock,



  1. I love this play space. I struggle to make the boys small room cute! I'm so excited for you to share more!

    1. Ashley, thanks! I'm glad you liked it!! I am excited too to share more.