Whenever we think of truly beautiful people, a woman that always comes to mind is Kayti Oldham of The Beyouty Bureau.  It has been over four years since we first met Kayti and in all that time of knowing her, she never ceases to amaze us!  Every time we are around her, we instantly feel like the most importantly person in the world and always leave feeling like a million bucks!  If we could take Kayti with us everywhere we went, we would!  This vivacious and lively chica has love for life, family, friends that is insurmountable; something that we think the world could always use more of!  Driven by her desire to empower every woman to find and love her own form of inner/outer beauty, Kayti created The Beyouty Bureau; a place where women could gather together to embrace and love the "flaws" they all have.  Beyouty is more than skin deep.  It is something that resonates from the outside in! 

With that being Kayti.


Kayti Oldham: The Beyouty Bureau

We are huge fans of the Beyouty Bureau!  We know what it is about, but have always wondered what motivated you to create it?  Would you mind sharing?

I struggled with postpartum anxiety & depression & what pulled me out of those dark & discouraging days was a group of women. A group of women who all came from different walks of life, who were all raised in different places, who all had children at different ages, but who I could trust & talk to about everything. It started as a play group, where we sat around & shared our struggles in regards to raising children & laughed about the changes our boobs went through. Over two years, that group of women, has evolved into my most inspiring group of friends who carry one anothers' burdens, who support each other in our differing opinions & who laugh until we cry together. Those women taught me that, not only was I not alone in my struggles, but that a sense of validation & encouragement from other women who could relate & empathize with my situation was the thing I needed to bring me out of my dark place.

In every sense of the word that is what I want The Beyouty Bureau to become: a massive "girls night out" where we dish about makeup secrets we have learned over the years, but where we can confidently share our religious beliefs, our political opinions & our dearest thoughts. I know I got lucky with my friends, but I began to realize that #1 women are SO dang powerful & inspiring but #2 that we do not give enough credit to ourselves or to the women around us. I want women to realize their full potential, heck, I want to realize my full potential! I think that is a journey I may be on for the rest of my life. How about making that journey a tad easier by providing a space where women can feel uplifted & empowered? That is the purpose of The Beyouty Bureau!

Obviously, make-up and inner beauty are two things you are extremely passionate about.  How do you find a way to make the two cohesively work together in your own life and the lives of those around you? 

I know this seems confusing & maybe contradictory, but my premise here is to simply make women feel beautiful. Not only do I want to reiterate how amazing, incredible & powerful we women are, but I want to give us the tools & information we need to feel like our best selves. As women we have a tendency to get caught up in another persons needs, whether that be a boyfriend, sibling, parent or child, but this quote from Audre Lord really struck a chord with me, she said, "I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent, caring for myself is an act of survival." After reading that I felt that what I was doing was not only unique, but was really necessary in our society today. Who says you can't feel amazing while doing menial chores?! The cohesion between our inner & outer beauty is tricky to find, but that balance is what being a woman is all about: making your outwards appearance reflect how you feel/want to feel on the inside!

 In our opinion, you have one of the cutest little families ever!  Could you tell us a little bit more about them and why you love being the wife/mother to your little brood of boys?

You are so kind, obviously I am partial, but I whole-heartedly agree! Being a mom & a wife are the two most fulfilling jobs I've held. I grew up in a broken home & so more than anything I always dreamt of cultivating a loving environment for my own family. I am certainly not "the perfect" mother & I face my own challenges with keeping the house tidy or putting meals on the table, but our house does not lack love. I love being married to a man who makes me laugh constantly, who works tirelessly to provide for our family security & comfort, who puts my needs above his, who supports me in each endeavor I pursue, who never judges me for my flaws or sees what I feel that I lack. I love having a 3-year-old who allows me the opportunity to teach, who keeps me on my toes, who is knee deep in a ninja turtle & superhero obsession, who has forced me to learn true patience & who at the end of the day always says, "Mom, you're my best."

What is the biggest trial you have overcome, and how have you used it to motivate you in other aspects of your life?

I talk a little bit about this in my 'Finding My Beauty' video on my YouTube channel, but my parents marriage & subsequent divorce took a piece of me that I wish I could get back. My father was very verbally abusive & there was aggressive arguing in the home from the time I can remember. I would typically intercede in arguments & that obviously pushed a rift into my relationship with my father. I have gone through too many cycles of repenting & forgiving to count, but in the end I always get hurt. As of now, I do not speak to my father & so to say I have 'daddy issues' might be an understatement. With that said, I only have control over so much & that is how I can move forward. I found a man who never yells at me, who encourages me in front of our child, who overlooks my past & who works with me as a struggle to overcome the way I was programmed as a child growing up in a broken home.

As an adult I realized that there are so many women suffering in marriages like my mother who feel that they have no worth, no options, no value. That is another motivating factor in creating this space on The Beyouty Bureau, for women to UNDERSTAND their worth. If all I can do with this platform is allow one woman to know that she can do, be, or accomplish anything she desires, I will have succeeded.

If you could leave us with one piece of advice, what would it be, and why?

 I am no expert & I certainly do not profess to have the answers, but if there were one piece of advice I could leave with women it is to give ourselves more credit, to allow ourselves to make mistakes & to rejoice in coming out on top! "The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a women is measure by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate who she becomes."

Kayti Oldham
The Be{you}ty Bureau

"The best makeup any girl can wear, is a smile." - Marilyn Monroe


As Kayti mentioned, she is currently doing a series on her YouTube page called: 'Finding My Beauty' and we had the great privilege of being a part of it!  Thanks again Kayti for showing each and everyone of us that we are truly beautiful just the was we are!

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