Choose happiness.

Let's face it! Everyday can be a challenge. Some of us face health and hereditary struggles. Some us face struggles with anger or depression. Some of us face struggles within our family, marriage, and with our friends. Some of us do not have friends. Some of us have financial problems. For some, loving yourself and looking in the mirror is hard. We may struggle with confidence and liking how we look on the outside. The problems are endless and on-going. But, they are there. And there is help.  
We can choose happiness. We can take control of our lives to a degree. And I believe a big contributor is attitude. Now, I am not perfect in any way about staying positive. But I have witnessed many occasions where I chose to stay positive and the trial was ten times easier to get through. Now I understand that hardships suck. I understand that in the moment you will feel negative feelings and maybe even pain. And that's ok and a part of life. We feel pain and sadness sometimes. I understand because I have been there. But if we can have positivity it can give us strength and hope to make it through our "hard things".
Sometimes though after trying we may be low and lost. We may need extra help. And help is there still. If you're saying, "I need help" right now. And you have tried to be positive and hope is dwindling, here's some resources for you.  There are tons of resources online that can educate you and help you understand your issue. And there's communities with people, most likely, going through similar trials. Whoever you are, there is hope. Here's some resources to help you and hopefully guide you to answers and solutions to those "hard things".

Resources for Finding Help and Happiness

Weight Loss:
Drug Addiction:  
Other Sites:

Also here's a recap of our hard things week so far. Next week we will have one more post about pornography addiction.

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We give a big Mumsy hug to you all. Here's to added strength, happiness, and hope. We can be strong and get through those hard things. They may tear us apart but we can make it through. Have the most bomb weekend ever.



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