We are so excited today to have Ashton from XO, Ashton Tilton on The Mumsy Blog. She is a Tennessee girl at heart and we are just in love with the "y'alls". Her blog is much like ours, focusing on uniting women and strengthening each other. We just love her blog and all she has to say. She has a wonderful perspective on life and playful advice about mothering and fashion. We loved it so much, we have asked her to share her fashion advice today. But she doesn't share  a post about fashion, she shares herself and an inspiring message about confidence. And who doesn't need an inspiring message about confidence? So read on and feel confident and see her favorite fall patterns.
P.S. I was able to guest post on her blog about how I balance motherhood and blogging life. You can read about that here. Michelle will be guest posting in a week or so as well so keep your eyes open for her post too.
Much love! Now on to the lovely Ashton. 

Fall Fashion

Hey y’all! Let’s kick this off with a little introduction. My name’s Ashton, and Tilton is my middle name, ergo my blog name. I’m a wife and momma first, lifestyle blogger second. Reese (a.k.a. Roni), my 8 month old baby girl and Todd (a.k.a. Buns), my hubster, are my world. I have a passion for things that
make life beautiful, uplifting, and happy. Whether it be about fashion, faith, family, being beYOUtiful, or DIY projects, I love to share all of my life “lovins” with my readers. I try to keep it real, honest, and as uplifting as possible without turning anyone away from all the TMI. Writing is a way for me to express myself and more often than not work out the everyday hang-ups that we as “mumsies” come across.
The purpose behind my blog is to create a community where women from all stages of life can come to find common ground. To understand that “they are not the only one” going through insert weakness, trial, or bad day blues here. To recognize that we are all part of such a wonderful amazing sisterhood
despite our differences. Now that you know a little about me, let’s get to the fun!
Let me start off by saying how incredibly excited I am to have been asked by such fun, vivacious ladies to share some of my favorite trendy
patterns for the cold here on The Mumsy Blog. Fashion is definitely a passion of mine, and especially since I had my little Roni, there’s something about getting out of my pajamas and ready for the day that kicks my booty into gear to get stuff done and not feel like such a slouch.
 I decided to pick a base outfit to show a few of my favorite patterns. I kept it simple with an all-black base. Black skinny jeans are a girl’s best friend if you ask me. Topped with a basic, long, black tee from Target that I cinched up in a knot in the front to give a little shape to the base outfit. Building your “basic” wardrobe may seem boring and not worth your money, when in reality it actually saves you money in the long run. Basic tees in different neutrals allow you to play with your wardrobe and experiment with “louder” pieces and bolder colors. I used the same necklace with each outfit: a neutral statement necklace from Downeast Outfitters.
Sidenote: You might be wondering why I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt for a colder weather post, but I promise this was intentional. If you’re anything like me, I get super-hot, super-quick! When you’re outside, you’ve got your warm winter coat on top of your long-sleeved shirt plus a possible sweater, and
for me personally, woah baby woah, that sweats me out! Hot flashes in my mid-twenties...YIKES. So I love to be able to get down to a short sleeve if it gets a little roasty-toasty for me. Layers y’all...LAYERS. But if you’re the opposite and tend to get cold easier, then you could use a long-sleeve, black, basic tee
for the base, and it would work just as great!
Outfit #1: Aztec scarf, cargo jacket, and tan booties. The bright Aztec pattern adds a pop of color to an otherwise very neutral outfit. Cold weather means it’s time to rock the scarf y’all. I love scarves! And there are such fun patterns to suit all personalities, but don’t be scared to try something new and maybe a little out of your comfort zone!
Outfit #2: Floral vest and combat boots. I know I’m talking about patterns, but I have to say how much I love the combat boot craze. I have to admit, I was scared to try it at first, but finally caved! Once I did, I fell in love and during the fall and winter, they are my go-to boot! But let’s talk floral for a second. Who
doesn’t love a great floral pattern, especially plastered on a vest? Warmer toned florals are a must for the cold weather.
Outfit #3: Floral kimono and tan booties. Here’s that floral again. Floral was the best pattern to hit the fashion scene if you ask me! The warmer tone of this kimono and its comfy, soft fabric is the perfect combo for the colder weather. And a little preggo plug for all you ladies sporting a beautiful baby bump
right now: all these outfits would work great for you! They’re loose layers that you can throw overtop of a similar basic, black, maternity top and maternity jeans.
And that’s that! Hope you were able to pull some fashion how-to out from these outfits to get you ready for the chillier weather up ahead. These patterns are great transitions pieces and will leeway you right into the fall and winter. Is there a pattern or style that you’ve always wanted to try but have been a
little hesitant to because you don’t think you can pull it off? Well I’m telling you that you can! Don’t be scared to try something new. Whether it’s a brighter or bolder pattern that you usually shy away from or a style (like a kimono) that you don’t think you could pull off, I challenge you to go for it! But
whatever the style or pattern, be yourself and be confident in who are you. Because you are someone to be proud of!
This is going to be cheesy and cliché, but here goes: The most beautiful accessory or style you could ever wear is a smile on your face. Get ready for the day, look yourself in the mirror, and be proud of who you are and what you’ve overcome. You are beautiful because you are YOU. You have gifts, talents, and intuition about yourself and loved ones that no one else has! And that’s what makes you wonderful. So no matter what style you try out today or what pattern you’re wearing, wear it with a smile on your face because who you are on the inside is what shines through and makes you the beautiful “mumsy” you are. Cheers to fun, trendy patterns, and cheers to being YOU!
XO, Ashton Tilton


  1. I wish I COULD wear some cold weather looks... unfortunately it is a price you pay for having summer year round. Skinny jeans are a staple must! I do miss wearing those. Great points, thanks!

    1. Lucky!! Where do you live Holly? We would love to hear about your year-round warm fashions.