Happy September Mumsies! 

Did you know that September is known as National Courtesy Month?  I had no clue, but I love it!

Maybe it's just me...but I feel as if the days when almost everyone was kind and courteous to one another are a thing of the past; being replaced with a present filled with blatant cursing, disrespect, and crudeness.  Of course, I am no saint!  I too, am known for blurting out the occasional swear word and having a love for all things promiscuous.  But, there is a time and place for all of this people!  So, I do all that I can in my home to teach my children the importance of good manners and when and where they should be using them.  There are a lot of different ways in which I do this, but one of my favorite methods is...yep, you guessed it...picture books!

Below are 5 of my favorite

Courtesy Picture Books

that will make saying, "Please" and "Thank You" the cool thing to do.

1. "Tea Rex" 
By: Molly Idle

Placed in the setting of a tea party, this book discusses what to do when you are hosting people, and how you should react when guest are anything but pleasant.

 By: Sharon Pierce McCullough

Featuring the monsters from the popular "Feed the Monster" game app, the little monsters have to learn how to behave when certain things like burping, take place. 

By: Mo Willems

Using a pigeon to replicate the countless temper tantrums children have, this interactive books allows the readers to answer questions and decide if the pigeon gets to drive the bus.

By: Mo Willems

Groups of mice narrate this book as children try everything they can to get what they want.  But quickly learn that saying such things as "Please", "Thank You", "Excuse Me" (with meaning) is the best way to do this.

By: Sesyle Joslin

Intermixing people and animals, this fun book discuss what you should say when you bump into a crocodile, meet a baby elephant, and so much more!


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