Hey friends! We have had a lot of guests here on Mumsy. And we love it! Mumsy isn't all about Michelle and I. We created Mumsy to shares stories and wisdom. We all have something to share and we have been so honored to have had so many amazing women here on The Mumsy Blog. Today we have Olivia Ostler. She has many dreams which include being the best mother she can be. Which, by the way, isn't Olivia just stunning? Girl, you rock mom-hood and those stretch marks!
Ok, back to the post, she is going to share her thoughts on following her dreams. We all have dreams right? Small and big, we have them. And she shares motivation to never let yours go. I fully believe this as well and hope you enjoy reading her story. I'll see you again on Friday.

Mucho Love-o,

Olivia Ostler: Follow Your Dreams

My name is Olivia Ostler. I am a writer, an actress, but first and foremost I am a mother. I love being a mom. Seriously, I didn’t know love until I held that tiny person in my arms for the first time and realized that he needed me and that I needed him. Sometimes I felt perfectly terrified, let’s be honest, I’m still terrified. I don’t know what I’m doing, he’s crying and I don’t know what he really needs, he’s throwing a tantrum…was I too harsh? And then there’s the pressure from everywhere else, the voices that other people, websites, culture, the media and television have put in my head, “being a good mom means being with your kids” juxtaposed with, “Being a strong, independent woman means making something of yourself” which, let’s be honest again, translates to, “in order to be of value to society (i.e. a strong independent woman) you need to be making money.”  Caring for and playing with your kids is great, super fun and a lot of hard work.  Going and getting a job is great (if your into that) but what if you want to follow your dreams AND be a good mom? This may sound stupid but it was a real fear weighing on me constantly.
After I got married and graduated with a degree in theatre from the University of Utah my husband and I bought a home in Provo where he was attending school. Shortly after the move we discovered that I was pregnant. We were ecstatic! Then reality hit. Pregnancy sucked, I was sick, I felt alone, and even more than that, I felt like I had let myself down in a sense. Even though my pregnancy was planned and extremely wanted, the pressure of the world came down on me pretty hard. Was I ever going to “be something?” Then the stretch marks and weight came and it felt like my life and dreams were slipping away even further. How was I going to be a good mom and follow my dreams of acting? Most actresses that I admired had babies after their big break. I felt trapped in a home that I deeply loved but felt like a prison to my dreams and future. And then, one day, I snapped out of it. I decided that my stretch marks would not keep my from acting with my clothes on (which had been the plan all along) and that I was going to be a part of deciding whether or not my dreams would be a reality.

It started small. I began brainstorming. I pulled from bits and pieces of a script I had written in college called, “The Blog” about a quirky girl who wants to start a blog and ends up taxidermizing her cat.  Through these brainstorms and help from my husband we created “The Socialist”, a wholesome, family friendly, web series about a socially awkward girl hired at a social media marketing company. My husband and I became the dream team of producers working hard every night after we had put our son to bed. My husband would direct and I would act in the series (side note: my husband currently works in the film industry and has always had the goal of being a director so we were hitting two dream birds with one stone, so to speak). Everything felt so right! We feel like we were meant to do this, but after the script was complete, a shooting schedule in place, and a budget loosely formulated, the fear returned. How were we going to make this happen?
"We are poor! We have a kid! I have stretch marks! I have ten more pounds to lose! Blah, blah, blah..." I was still scared of rejection and failure. I had to tell my fearful side of me to get over it. We put out a notice for a casting call and the heavens opened. We were flooded with talented people who WANTED to be a part of our project! I couldn’t even believe it! People like Landon Henneman who is staring in Rob Diamond’s “Wayward: The Prodigal Son,” Andrew Jensen from the comedy group “Toy Soup,” Susan Phelan head of Utah Women in Film as well as an amazing actress, Cate Allen a radio and television talk show host, and so many more!
With a cast and crew put together we moved into production. An incredible office space was donated on the weekends, crew and their expensive equipment committed EVERY weekend of their summer, family members and friends asked if they could baby sit. All for FREE! Basically, everything fell into place. I could not have asked for anything to have gone smoother. Now production is almost to a close and we are moving into post-production and finally to the release of the first episode! This summer feels like a blur, an amazing momentous blur.
I still have fear from time to time. Fear of rejection, the fear of not being a good mom but I’ve also found that doing what you love, no matter what it is, is invigorating. It ignites your soul and makes each day special, more real. When I am doing what I love I feel present in my day to day life and that translates into being the best mom I can be.
Keep on following your dreams Mammas!
All my love,
Olivia Ostler
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