If you follow us on Instagram, then you'd know that Natashia and I just finished hosting a family friendly Halloween party that will be featured on Provo Insider. Not wanting to do just any ol' kind of party, we came up with an event that was truly wild; and we can't wait for it to be featured later this month!

Though I would personally love to spill every detail right this minute, I also love a great surprise-insert diabolical laugh-so for now, I'm just going to share with you how I made our tissue paper pom-poms.  One of the main focal point of our party, and something any of you can easily and frugally make for you upcoming spooktacular soiree!

DIY Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Tissue Paper...and lots of it!  Each pom-pom requires 10 pieces of tissues paper.  You can purchase tissue paper bundles at any local Dollar Store OR if you are making a lot, you can buy it in bulk at Paper Mart.


Florist Wire

Wire Cutters


1. Evenly layer your 10 pieces of tissue paper on a flat surface and fold width wise in an accordion fold pattern.

2. Fold your tissue paper in half so you can mark the middle of your fan in order to know where to place your florist wire.

3. Secure your folded tissue paper by cutting off a piece of florist florist wire, with your wire cutters, and twisting it around the center fold fold that you just created.

4. Using your sharp pair of scissors, cut both ends of the folded tissue paper into a point.

5. Tie one end of a length of string around your wire and pull out to the side so that it doesn't get in the way of the next step.

6. Gently pull apart and fluff the layers of your tissue paper to form a complete sphere.

7. Hang your tissue paper pom-pom wherever you desire and enjoy!

NOTE: For a fun spin, you could skip steps 5 and 7 and use your tissue paper pom-poms as fun and whimsical centerpieces for your tables.

Happy Monday Mumsies!

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