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Hey there beautiful! Michelle and I love clothes and shopping. No surprise, right?! I mean, wasn't it last week that we both talked about clothes?

Michelle shared her thoughts on wearing whatever the heck she feels like and loving it here.

And I shared how to get an entire outfit for under $10 here.

 So you're probably not surprised that we are going to share two apparel companies with you gals today. They are...

Agnes and Dora & Musana

You've probably heard of them. Well, today you can see what we honestly think about these two companies and also learn how to enter our Fall Fashion Giveaway!
Agnes and Dora  

have the most adorable leggings, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, and harem pants around the block. Boot season and fall is coming and I personally love wearing leggings with boots and if you feel the same way, Agnes and Dora is the place to go. Oh, and they have little girl leggings too. Awesomely cute, right? Another cool thing about Agnes and Dora is you can host a party for them and earn free stuff. Yup, I just said free!

Overall we love Agnes and Dora because of the flirty prints and perfect cuts of the stuff they sell. Also their items are so flexible and forgiving in their designs.

So if you just can't wait for the giveaway to end use coupon code MUMSY15 to receive 15% off your total purchase from Who doesn't love a good bargain?!

So what are we wearing and what did we think about our choices?


Recently, I have been a huge pencil skirt kick. Loving any sort of clothing piece that I can dress up or dress down at a moments notice, I knew selecting one of Agnes and Dora's pencil skirts would be the perfect choice for me! Although there were countless options to choose from, I chose their fabulous Abstract Multi-Color pencil skirt. Obsessed with the fun colors and designs in this particular skirt, I knew that it would go well with almost any top I own! A frugal aspect that I absolutely love! Aside from have amazing color and design schemes, these skirts end right at the knee and are made of extremely durable fabric. Constantly on the go with my three active kids, the design of this skirt allows me to still look hot and feminine even when I'm making mud pies, catching bugs, or attending to a scrapped knee. Talk about a win-win!


I am wearing black and white harem pants. I wanted to try these because they looked comfy but also chic. And yes, they are, they are so comfy. You can see in the pictures that I was romping through a flower patch. Well, just before this picture I was romping through a raspberry patch. The fabric is a little thin so I kept worrying that the fabric would get torn or snagged on the thorns of the raspberry bushes but thankfully it didn't. So I would give the fabric two thumbs up!  

Musana is truly an amazing non-profit enterprise. their website says it best in explaining how they work, "One hundred percent of profits from U.S. sales, combined with donations and grants, are invested in the growth of Musana artisans through educational and vocational trainings. 
We are firmly rooted in Uganda, particularly our town of Lugazi, and strive to integrate into the Ugandan economy by sourcing all of our materials locally and collaborating with local artisans, academics and professionals. Musana women bring a light to the community and were the inspiration for the Musana program and name, which means "sunlight" in the local language of Luganda." Isn't that just beautiful?! It's wonderful knowing you are helping others while sporting beautiful accessories. And we are taken back with the fact that they donate 100%! Here's the pieces we chose.


I chose pieces that were unique and fell in love with the Bamboo Hoops and Mabira necklace online. As I opened the jewelry I was surprised to find a card naming the creator, the actual woman who made my jewelry, and information about that woman. Stuff got really real for me right about then. As I held this piece in my hand, I imagined life for her and the differences that woman and I have. But, I was then able to imagine the opportunities that woman has because of Musana. This is what Musana is about and why I now love them and their pieces. They are about change and making a difference in the world.

The pieces I chose have already been tossed, sat on, chewed on, and yanked on, but they haven't broken. And for a mom of four kids and always moving, this is so important when choosing my jewelry. I also love the uniqueness of the jewelry and fun cultural flair. These pieces are overall worth the investment and the impact that goes along with buying Musana jewelry. 


There's no doubt about it, I love, love, LOVE Musana Jewelry!  Realistically, I wanted every single piece of jewelry that is currently listed on their website; but, I finally settled with the Bukedde necklace in blue and the gold Dancing Bell earrings for their unique elements and multi-purpose uses.   Knowing that the proceeds from each piece of jewelry I purchased immediately went back to those women to help them provide a life and hopeful future for themselves and their families deeply touched me, because I am all about women helping women.  So, aside from each of these jewelry pieces completely wowing me with their exquisite designs and materials, they also left me with an unspoken connection to the Ugandan women who made my jewelry! Because let's face it, we can't do what we do completely on our own!  With that in will definitely turn heads when you wear Musana jewelry!  Since receiving my own pieces, I have had countless people stop and ask me where I got my jewelry!  An encounter I think any woman out there, absolutely loves!

So now here's the fun stuff, one of you lucky readers will win our giveaway which includes:
 Your choice of any item from Agnes and Dora
A bracelet, set of earrings, and necklace from Musana (pictured below)

We made this giveaway available to BOTH Instagram and Facebook. We love our Facebook followers and wanted to have a way for those without instagram to enter. So here's the official way to enter to win this giveaway.
1. Follow our Instagram -or- become our friend on Facebook. *
You must also follow Agnes and Dora and Musana on whatever social media you post on.

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2. Repost this giveaway image which will be on either social media sites.
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Giveaway ends in week!
Alright, that was a long post... hope you hung on to the end because you don't want to miss this giveaway! Comment with questions or just because you wanna say "waaazzzuupp"(Yup I just sad that). Much love!


  1. I could use a fashion pick me up! So I got a little carried away and posted on FB and Instagram and tagged my friends as well. Can you tell I want to win!?! Great blog girls, really enjoying reading it. Your photos are always so well done. :)

    1. Holly you are so sweet!! Thanks for sharing and entering our giveaway! We are so happy to have such awesome readers ;-)