Fall has officially began to make its presence known in our little mountain valley city.  As I watch the colors of the leaves change before my very eyes, my mind has instantly began wandering to  pumpkins, apples, autumn leaves, and Halloween; all of the things I love most about this season!  During this time of year, there's nothing I love to do more than rounding up all of my favorite Fall & Halloween picture books and bunkering down with my squirmish little beasties to read each and every one of them in our favorite reading nook.  So, with  the First day of Fall happening tomorrow and Halloween waiting just around the corner, now is the perfect time to run to your local library/book store and stock up on my following recommendations that will surely bring the magic of this season to life in each of your homes.

Fall & Halloween Books

Halloween books for childrec

Fall children books
1. Leaves
By: David Ezra Stein

Since Bear has never experience Autumn before, he is very surprised when he sees all he leaves falling off the trees.  Doing all that he can to reattach the leaves, he eventually gets sleepy and soon falls asleep and doesn't wake up again until Spring. Thanks to this books charming simplicity, you and your children will love this story!

2. Leaf Man
By: Lois Ehlert

The Autumn winds have begun to blow and Leaf Man is on the move once more.  With only the wind to move this magical creature you'll love guessing where the Leaf Man will be blown next.

3. Pumpkin Jack
By: Will Hubbell

Carved by a boy named Tim, pumpkin Jack was a funny, yet scary jack-o-lantern that began to rot when Halloween was over.  Curious to see what would happen to his pumpkin next, Tim placed Pumpkin Jack in garden and began to watch the life cycle of his treasured pumpkin.

4. Pumpkin Soup
By: Helen Cooper

In the deepest part of the woods, there lives a duck, cat, and squirrel who are all friends and love to eat pumpkin soup; making it the same way every day.  One day, however, duck wants to change up who does what cooking tasks and the three animals have a terrible fight and duck runs off into the forest.  Eager to find their friend and make things right, cat and squirrel set off to find duck and make things right.  Filled with beautiful colors and drawings that resonate the Autumn season, this books will easily get your children excited about Fall as it also teaches them the importance of friendship.

5. Halloween Night
By: Marjorie Dennis Murray

It's Halloween and all the spooks are excited as can be!  Filled with monsters, ghosts, and zombies galore, you are sure to enjoy reading how these frightfully friendly creatures prepare for their favorite holiday of the year.

6. The Spider and the Fly
By: Tony DiTerlizzi

Reminiscent of a classic Hollywood horror movie, this book brilliantly brings to life the cautionary tale of the spider and the fly by Mary Howitt.  Though it is not labeled as a Halloween book, this picture book is filled with enjoyable spooky elements that will make and instant must-read during this time of year!

7. The Haunted House
By: Kazuno Kohara

Go on a journey with a brave little girl as she comes up with clever and unique ways to chase away the ghosts that live in her house.

8. Miss Fiona's Stupendous Pumpkin Pies
By: Mark Kimball Moulton

Instead of cooking up potions, Miss Fiona loves to bake delicious pumpkin pies.  Join a group of brave trick-or-treaters as they sneak over to Miss Fiona's house to try and get a taste of her stupendous pumpkin pie.


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