Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith
It's August and the hottest time of the year. Time to swim! This also means that swim suits will start going on sale. You can find some good deals out there this time of year. And there's still at least another month left of swim season depending on where you live. So today we are sharing our love for Lime Ricki swimwear and how to shop for a swimsuit that fits your body. So read on for a simple guide to buying the right kind of swimsuit for you and why we chose the swimsuits we did.
Firstly, can I say that buying swim suits can be hard? You're basically expected to hop into spandex underwear and feel comfortable around the whole world. And sometimes it's hard to know where to start. I have learned, just like in clothing, that there's actually tricks to balancing your body type and bringing out your best features. So today I have put together an easy guide for choosing the best type of swimsuits for your body type. I do believe that a woman can feel confident even if she breaks these rules. So feel free to buy whatever you think is simply perfect. Really, wear what ever makes you feel strong and beautiful. But if you happen to be looking for a little guidance, then here's a few suggestions.

 Buying Swimsuits Best for Your Body Type

Swimwear from Lime Ricki

1. Hide the tummy - We all have a little stomach pooch right? So if you're wanting to flatter the stomach area consider buying a swimsuit with ruches or a cross over contour style across the midsection.
2. Define your waistline - This bathing suit is really good for those who are curvy. Go retro and wear anything that sports your lovely waistline and curves. The drawstring in this suit clearly defines your waist and also brings the fabric inward showing off your hourglass figure. And who wouldn't want a Marilyn Monroe figure?

3. Little caboose -  If you're looking to emphasize your rear try some boy shorts. Another tip is buy bottoms that are brighter than your top or have a busy print. All of these accentuate your bottom.

4. Need a lift - You may need a lift up top if the ladies are bigger or just generally not as perky (yes, I said perky) as you may want. So I would highly suggest buying a swimsuit with underwire. Having your breasts (yup, just said that too) lifted can do a TON for your waistline and figure.

5. Flat chested - If you want to accentuate your top pick out a bathing suit with either a fringe or some sort of detail up top. The extra fabric will create the illusion of a fuller chest helping balance out the rest of your body.

6. Wide Hips - Buy a swimsuit with details up top this will balance out your bottom. Also a darker bottom and lighter top helps balance out the booty as well.

7. Create curves - Some of us have a upside down triangle body shape, "I" shape, or "V" shape. If you're looking to add some curves try this lovely peplum top. The flare at the bottom will emphasize your hips and the hem will create a definitive waistline.

8. Broad shoulders - If your shoulders are broader than your hips a great equalizer is wearing a swimsuit with one shoulder. The one strap will balance out your shoulders and your hips.

Why We Picked These Swimsuits for Our Body Types

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Natashia's Pick :
(Upside Down Triangle Body Type)

I have broad shoulders, an athletic frame, and virtually no hips. And while I'm totally happy with how I look, it's just a body in the end, I do try to pick out pieces that will work the best for my body type. So I chose the lovely reversible black and white polka dot tankini with bright pink boy shorts. I chose the top because the high neckline didn't accentuate my shoulders whereas a triangle neckline would have. The bottoms are bright and help give emphasis to my hips helping balance out my shoulders. The fabric's quality and print is amazing I am just in love with this swimsuit.

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Michelle's Pick:
(Pear Shape Body Type)

 Shopping for a swim suit has never made it to the top of my "Things I Love to Do" list.  Being 5'1, small chested, and rather curvy from the waist down, it is extremely difficult for me to find swimming suits that will flatter/enhance all of these aspects.  In the past I would usually end up settling with something that met only half of my requirements because I had just tried on my 50th swim suit and was completely fed up.  Heck, to be honest, I had even become somewhat comfortable with the idea of swimming in the nude because all of the swimming suits I tried on seemed to do little for me anyways.

Fortunately for me, and millions of innocent bystanders, I discovered Lime Ricki swim wear and no longer have to consider becoming a nudist swimmer.  Having countless options to choose from, I settled with a padded  A-symmetrical top that made my girls look a little fuller and a skirted bottom that enhanced and refined the curves on the lower portion of my body.  Plus, can I just gush about the pattern and color combo for a moment.  I mean, talk about amazing!  Both definitely exemplify the current fashion trends, but also have a timeless appeal to them, making it possible for me to wear my swimming suit for than just one season.  After YEARS of searching, I am tickled pink to announce that Lime Ricki has become my official swim wear!
We can't say enough how much we are in love with Lime Ricki Swimwear. Because of this they are the official swimwear of Mumsy for the rest of 2014 . Happy swim sale shopping. I hope you find some good deals. Much love!
P.S. Did you just love our pics? They were taken by Joshua Smith at the Lindon Marina.  We would like to say a big thanks to them for letting us come and take pictures at their beautiful location and enjoy some paddle boarding. If you are local be sure to check out their facebook page. They have this killer deal on Monday and Friday nights where you can kayak, mini sailboat, and paddleboard for THREE hours for only $10! Oh and that include smores!  Seriously such an amazing deal.

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