Photo By: Heather Bliss Photography

Hey Mumsies!  You've made it to Thursday...HOORAY!

I don't know about you, but I have had one of THOSE weeks and am doing all that I can to remain mentally sane.  The weekend simply can't come soon enough! 

If you follow our Instagram (link to it, is on the side of our website) account, you would have noticed that, last night, Tash and I were working on a fun collaborative post with a few of our favorite local venues.  However, in the blissful chaos of the evening, I left my camera at our first venue, Harmony, and didn't realized it until after they had locked up shop for the evening.  

Bleepity bleep bleep bleep!

Today, I would have been sharing 8 of my favorite S'more concoctions, but since all of the pictures for that post are currently still on my SIM card, this write up will have to wait till Saturday.  So, please come back then!  You seriously won't want to miss it!  Especially because it may or may not include a few hot and steamy men that I am currently withholding names of so I can peak your curiosity just enough that you will tune in this weekend.

(Insert villainous evil laugh here.)

And there you have it Mumsies, me...having a very human moment.  

If you too have had ones of those weeks, days, months, or even years, HANG IN THERE!  Things will eventually get better...promise!

See you Saturday!