Ok let's play a game. For fun, take a piece of paper and write how much you think the items above would be in the stores or at a boutique. Ok, keep reading for the answer but first a word from, well, me. Also so you know, no one paid me to write this post. These are just some good deals that I want to pass to you.
So, I have a secret and I'm going to totally sound like an infomercial while I tell it to you, ok? I don't spend a lot of money on my clothes. In fact I spend hardly any money on my clothes. There are deals starting at a penny on EBay! Did you know that?! One penny! Have you ever shopped on EBay? Well, I have been getting so many amazing deals I want to share some of my favorites with you today.  
So you want to know how much the items are above? Let's see how you did. 
bird shirt - $3.21
black brim hat - $10.82
plaid blouse - $7.59
bubble necklace - starting bid $ .01
So how did you do? Pretty rockin' deals huh? I've seen most of these items on Deal sites for 5-10 dollars more! Before I get into how to find deals like these, first I would like to encourage buying items made in the good old U.S. of A.  Buuuuuutt, if you find yourself buying items on most of the popular deal sites out there, you might and are probably not be buying U.S. made products. And if you're willing to buy some stuff from oversees have I got news for you. You can get this stuff so ridiculously cheap you might have Christmas come early. I also want to say that I do love a good deal site and it can be easier to shop than on EBay because of the convenience of buying items without bidding. With that being said I'm going to share with you how I EBay.

Basics of Shopping on EBay


Ok so you wanna EBay? Let's get started with some steps.
1. Do you have an EBay account? You will need one of these.
2. Do you have a PayPal account? Yeah, this is how you pay for items on EBay.
Ok, now lets shop. Here's how I shop:
1. Decide what you want to look for or browse for and type that item in the search bar. Click enter and let the searching begin.

Some of my favorite searches are:
Bib necklaces (so many necklaces for $.01!)

2. I like to filter my searches so filter your search to show "Price + Shipping: Lowest First".

3. I also like to whittle down my searches to get rid of items I'm not interested in. So go to "catergory" and see if you can choose a sub-category to slim down the list.

These are images from the EBay app. If you are shopping on another device or desktop your interface will be different.

4. Now comes the shopping part. (Yeeah!) Look through the listings and if you find an item you are interested in there are couple different options from here. You can:

A. Watch the item by clicking "watch". This will add the item to your watch list but you have not bid on this item. This item will stay in you watch list until you delete it, bid on it, or the item listing ends.

B. Bid on the item or Buy it Now. There are two different ways sellers sell items. They either use bidding formats or they use buy it now formats. Lets talk about this a little more:

Bidding - Buyers enter an amount they are willing to pay by clicking the "bid" button. Once a buyer places a bid the amount for the item is raised by a few cents, even if the buyer bid a higher amount. You can increase you bid as long as the listing is active. It isn't until another bidder bids higher then the price reflects the higher bid. Whoever bids the highest by the end of the listing wins.

Buy It Now - The seller sets a price and buyers can buy this item automatically without the wait of bidding.

5. Once you win an item you will be prompted to pay for the item. This will most likely be done through PayPal.  You should do so within 24 hours if possible. You will receive an email confirmation at this point.

6. Once the item has arrived be sure to leave feedback on the item. This helps you and the seller increase ratings.

A few last tips that are IMPORTANT to know is pay attention to sizes! Chinese sizing is very different than American. Read the sellers descriptions and get out those measuring tapes. Second tip is to pay attention to shipping times. Buying goods from China takes sometimes over a month.

Ok so hopefully you feel a little less intimidated by the EBay monster. Maybe you're an EBay fanatic already. Did I miss anything? Feel free to comment below after you enjoy me completely goofing off in my EBay apparel.

Also speaking of fashion and clothing, did you see Michelle's post about liking what you want to wear from yesterday? It was good! You should read it here. As always I'm sending much love with a little bit of peace, love, and chicken grease.