Hey there Mumsies!! Long time, no see! Missed you all! I have good news & bad news. Sad to say, but this is our last post in our Amara giveaway series. But that also means Amara has been kind enough to give a lucky Mumsy reader one last spa treatment to enjoy! Of course, I wouldn't recommend anything to you without trying it first! Let me tell you a little about it!

The treatment one lucky lady will receive is called a Microderm Express. (A $65 value!!) This Amara special is the perfect facial treatment to choose for a busy girl that might not have the time needed to recover from a full Microdermabrasion. (No need to be a lady either! This treatment is for everyone!) Although it doesn't replace the full Micro, it definitely gives your face the youthful glow you want in practically no time at all. The process is virtually the same. If you're not familiar with it, here's the rundown. A hot towel is applied to your face to open pores. Then, a small amount of chemicals is applied with a soft application brush to help lift the dead skin.  The Microdermabrasion tool is still used. (A small vacuum with diamonds on the tip. Who doesn't want a treatment that requires diamonds touching their face? Am I right??) Then, your qualified Esthetician will continue to luxuriate you by applying a serum full of peptides & vitamins. This will not only rejuvenate the skin, but it will also promote new & healthy cell growth. Normally, with the full Micro treatment. You would need a couple of days for your skin to recover in order for your skin show the glorious results of your treatment. Like I said, there are some of us busy mums that don't have that kind of time. With the Microderm Express from Amara, you get fast results & can apply your make-up within 30 minutes! To say that this is well worth your time is definitely an understatement!


Now, I'll introduce you to my favorite part of my facial at Amara... My Esthetician, Bergen Hyde! This lady is very smart & extremely talented! You have to know, are in incredibly capable; talented hands when you walk into the room. In my opinion, Amara not only made a great choice when they made her part of the family, but they're so lucky to have this treasure as a member of their staff!  Book an appointment with her ASAP & you will see exactly what I mean! Not only did she have an excellent answer for my questions on all things chemical, but she exudes coolness & loves a good chat. Here's what Amara had to say about this lovely!

"Bergen has been an esthetician for over a year, and loves being a part of the Amara team. She specializes in skin care and loves giving facials. She says, "facials are the perfect way for guests to relax while simultaneously getting results with their skin."  Bergen is the mother of two little redhead girls, and spends her free time cooking for friends and family."
As you can see, you will not be disappointed!
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That's it friends! The winner will be announced one week from today! Can't wait to see who wins!!



  1. I am entering. This new mommy' s tired skin could use this boost. Thanks for the review. Hopefully diamonds touch my face soon!