Things looking a little different here at Mumsy? Well, that's because today we officially say farewell to LaChelle here on The Mumsy Blog. She helped found the blog and has been a regular contributor. While it's a sad day here at Mumsy, we wish her the best with her future endeavors. Read on for her farewell to all of you!

- Mumsy Natashia and Michelle

Hello Mumsies! Today is a sad day in deed! Today is my final day as a partner here at Mumsy. If I told you how hard that sentence was to write, I would just start rambling about how sad I am & none of us really want that! This decision did not come easily at all. I've been wanting to take my writing in a new direction for some time now, but I've been wanting it to fit into the blog I had a personal stake in. (Mumsy) I believe in finishing what I start. Although I still feel like it's a little rushed, or premature, I feel like it's necessary for me to move forward with my two new endeavors.

My first project is a new blog that is still in the construction stages. Just wait until September! I really want to focus loving & enriching yourself with what you already have. If you look at some of my previous posts like, I'm old & I like it, raising my spirited child, and I'm grateful for what I have, It won't just be me talking. There will be plenty of guest posts. I don't know everything! We can't do it alone right? There are several fun projects in the works & I hope you will stay tuned to see what it has to offer!

The next project I'm working on is a very personal one. I've decided to take on a new crusade. I believe that our younger generations are being exposed to something vial. We all know that pornography is out there, & we all have our own opinions about it. My issue is that it has not only become common place, but it has infiltrated our homes without our consent. We all know it's there. But, like me, I can assume I'm right in saying that we all know someone who has experienced the devastating consequences of porn. Most of my family & friends have seen this first hand. I know that I've found my calling as a blogger. I also feel like it's time to take an honest look at our society & where it's headed. Our young ones are the most precious thing we have as human beings. They need our protection! I'm hoping to be working on something new with one of our best defenses. It's a website called More specifically, their blog is a wonderful way to help people understand what this fight is all about. They have one specific tagline on their products that states "Porn Kills Love". I couldn't have said it better myself & would be happy to call myself part of the movement. I have to stress that their approach is not political or religious or hateful. They feel like it's more than enough to present the facts for readers to see the truth about porn & the devastating effects it leaves in it's wake. I think that's perfect! Please go to for more information or to get involved.

I guess that's it my loves! I'll still be around. Just not here. I've loved my time here & hope you continue to call yourselves Mumsies! 
So much love,

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