Last Sunday was National S'mores Day.  But, in my house, it's National S'mores Day nearly every day of the year!  My kids and I don't need the excuse of camping for a reason to whip up a batch of this delicious treat.   Whether we are roasting up some mallows in our red neck, cinder block fire pit or broiling up a batch in our oven, a s'more will always come next!

Loving nothing more than to push the envelop whenever I can, I began to develop what I now call "Exotic S'mores".  

Like the pool boy next door or the hot and steamy actor you would never openly tell your significant other you slightly fantasize about, these babes...or should I say hunks, contain a variety of add-ons that cause the mouth to salivate instantaneously.  So, whether you're always on the quest for the next best hunk.  Whoops, I mean s'more!  Or simply feeling a little bit adventurous, here are some s'more concoctions that will tantalize every single one of your taste buds!

Exotic S'mores

 Cookie S'more aka The Zac Efron...he may have been the former tween heart throb of 3 High School Musicals, but he's still absolutely gorgeous!

Favorite Store-bought Cookie + Marshmallow

Chocolate Cookies and Cream S'more aka The Brad Pitt

Chocolate Graham Cracker + Cookies N' Cream Chocolate + Marshmallow

Triple Chocolate S'more aka The Jesse Williams

Chocolate Graham Cracker + Dark Chocolate + Marshmallow

Candy Bar S'more aka The Ryan Gosling

Graham Cracker + Candy Bar of Choice + Marshmallow
(my favorite candy bars to use are Kit-Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups)

Tropical Cinnamon S'more aka The Chris Hemsworth

Cinnamon Graham Cracker + Banana +  Chocolate + Coconut Covered Marshmallow

Breakfast S'more aka The Channing Tatum

Cinnamon Cracker + Bacon + Jam + Peanut Butter + Coconut Covered Marshmallow

Sweet n' Salty S'more aka The Johnny Depp

Graham Cracker + Bacon + Dark Chocolate + Dulce de Leche + Marshamllow

There are still a couple weeks of Summer left.  Gather the above ingredients or even a bundle of your own favorite ingredients, step in to the great outdoors...your backyard...or even your kitchen, and see what kinds of exotic s'mores you can create!

Happy Roasting!

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