Before we know it, Summer will be over and the first day of school will be here.  For some children, this is a day of eager anticipation, but for others, it is something that can be a very daunting and even dreaded.  With so many unknowns, many children begin to doubt and worry about starting a new year in an unfamiliar classroom, with a teacher and peers they may not know.  Luckily, there are countless picture books out there that can help ease these fears and even cause your little ones to eagerly anticipate a new school year.

Back to School Books

By: Patty Lovell

When it comes to looks, some may think Molly Lou Melon has the odds stacked against her.  But, she doesn't.  Even when she has to move and go to a new school with a boy who teases her Molly Lou stands tall and shows them how amazing she really is.

2. Foxy
By: Emma Dodd

Little Emily has a magical fox, named Foxy, who can do many amazing and silly things.  Sometimes though, his magic can cause many mishaps too.  Lucky for Emily, Foxy understands that making new friends doesn't require any magic at all.  Great for children that are starting school for the very first time, "Foxy" will bring lots of smiles and laughter to anyone who reads it.

By: Laura Numeroff

So many different things can happen when you are at school; especially if you bring a mouse with you.  "If you Take a Mouse to School" is a delightful picture book that will keep you and your kids guessing about the many silly scenarios that could possibly occur if a mouse where to go to school.

By: Mike Thaler

Countless rumors can cause any student to quickly believe that their new teacher is monster.  In this outrageously funny book, readers will view a variety of hilarious rumors that end up causing one student to truly believe that his teacher, Mrs. Green, is a monster with a tail and smoke filled nostrils. But, by the end of the book, he realizes that she is anything of the sort!
By: David Shannon

Some students are mellow, and others are mischievous.  David is mischievous.  Keeping his teacher's hands busy on a daily basis, David is constantly getting himself, and others, into trouble.  Full of high energy and curiosity, this books will bring a smile to any young readers face.

By: Jane Yolen

Ever wondered how Dinosaurs go to school?  This book explains just that and, in doing so, covers all the ways in which children should behave while they are at school.

By: Kevin Henkes

There are many difficult dramas in childhood.  Like the taunting and teasing our children can sometimes receive from the names we have given them.  In this book, young readers will discover just what to do if they are on the receiving end of the teasing, and what not to do if they are the ones making fun of a beautifully unique name.

By: Audrey Vernick

Like children, buffalos grow up, make friends, share, and are very smart.  But, how do you know they are ready for Kindergarten?  In this delightful little book, you will learn just how one individual discovers that their Buffalo is indeed ready for the first day of school.

I hope you find these books to be as helpful as they have been for me and my little ones.

Happy Reading!

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