School has officially started and I am so sad to see summer leave. I've also been a little nervous for my first grader this year. You know, the normal worries, that he wouldn't have any friends or like his teacher. But thankfully my son has been liking it so far. I mean, it's not like he didn't have a good experience in kindergarten. But I'd have to admit I was pretty relieved the first day when he got in the car and said, "I like first grade, mom". And everyday since he has had a rainbow-filled day and it's been a sigh of relief for me. I know that he will have some rough days, he did last year too. But I feel like each day he comes home liking school and enjoying the day is definitely a good day for me.  
As parents we are all trying our hardest, right? We want our children to be happy and to learn. And we worry sometimes about our kids day when they're not with us. At least these are the feelings running through my mind. So to ease these worries I try to do a little special something for my school-going guy each day. Sometimes we sing the silliest songs before school. Or other times I make him a special lunch. So here's some of the recipes I like to make for my man. As you can see we had a little fun with this picture. And I bet you can guess what we had for dinner last night.
Another reason I shared this post is even though peanut butter and jelly is a winner, it can sometimes get a little redundant for school lunches. So if the kids are getting sick of sandwiches I have included some ideas for different sides as well as some other options to replace sandwiches. Another tip I have found is that I don't like to send my son with foods that spill easily. Some examples are yogurts, cottage cheeses, and fruit cups. I have cleaned up way too much spilled food in my sons lunch bag so that's just my experience. For most of the list it's probably a good idea to use an ice pack. Some of these recipes are simple while others take more preparation. But hey, I just hope these ideas get your mommy wheels turning and inspires healthy easy lunch ideas for the kids.  I also hope that these school lunch ideas break up the monotony of the sandwich and ease any worries from mommy. So here's a ton of school lunch ideas to shake up the norm and they're healthy options too!

School Lunch Ideas 

A- dried edamame beans
B- peanuts. Feel free to try walnuts and pecans.
C- green bell pepper slices
D- corn dog muffin
What you need: cornbread jiffy mix, hotdog, ketchup, cupcake liner
How to do it: Mix and preheat according to jiffy instructions. Place the cupcake liner in the cupcake pan and then fill half the liner with batter. Next place the hotdog in the middle (pictured below) and add some ketchup. Then cover filling the liner 2/3 way full. Bake as directed on box.
E- red pepper slices
F- grapes
G- olives
H- Ham, cheese, and tortilla
Place rolled lunch meat, tortilla, and cheese on a toothpick. Feel free to add peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, or tomatoes.
I- boiled egg
J- dried apricot. Other dried fruit will work as well such as pineapple, raisins, and mangos.
L- crackers, cheese, and meat. Basically you're making homemade lunchables.
M- apple slices
N- popcorn
O- pizza pasta
What you need: pasta, Italian dressing, ham or pepperoni, olives, parmesan, grated cheese.

How to do it: Cook the noodles. Drain noodles. Cut up pieces of remaining ingredients. Mix well.

P-dried papaya
Q- summer pasta

What you need: pasta, Italian dressing, imitation crab, parmesan, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese, tomatoes .

How to do it: Cook the noodles. Drain noodles. Cut up pieces of remaining ingredients. Mix well.

R- frozen peas. Yes, I said frozen peas. My kids love eating these for a snack as well.
S- salad
T- Quakers rounds
U- pear slices
V- yellow bell pepper slices
W-veggie straws
X- carrots sticks
Y- celery sticks
Z- strawberry slices
Make sure you send a fork if you choose to make a salad or pasta. I choose these pastas because they don't need to be reheated. Some additional ideas are fruit leathers, raspberries, granola, granola bars, cooked chicken, and kiwi. There's so many options. What recommendations do you have? Ok, Tuesday is here, lets do this! I'm gonna own this week, see you on Friday. 


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