I am so excited to share today's post with you. First, I'd like to introduce you to Quinn and his wife Katrina. You might have seen their tree house before (if you haven't before, scroll down, it's AMAZING!!) or ogled at his line of canvas bags and wallets. We originally met with Quinn to discuss his line which you can read about here. But while we were visiting his home I was taken back by the amazing décor and design in his home. So Quinn was kind enough to answer some of my questions and share some real nuggets of wisdom about designing and decorating a small space. And we get to take a virtual tour of his home. Isn't his space amazing!? Read on for some great tips.


Designing and Decorating a Small Space

1. First, tell us about yourself? What do you do?
Wow, this is quite a question. I really just love to customize my life. Everything from my home to my wardrobe and my transportation gets adapted, altered or tweaked. I try to make furniture that better fit my needs and clothes that better fit my body. Because I have always done this, I have started to produce and sell many of my handmade goods and we have grown a lot over the past few years. I own QP Collections, and we produce unique goods here in the USA and sell them all over the world. I used to produce all the goods myself and stitch them by hand while I ran the international cinema on my campus. We have grown to a team of seven that sew for me in the Utah county area. So far I have only been able to sell some of the accessories we produce; neckties, bow-ties, wallets and bags, but some day maybe I can find a way to sell everything I love to create.

2. Tell us about your home? What was it like when you acquired it?
The home was quite run down and it had been abandoned for several months. It had invasive ivy on the front, missing windows, and boards covering some windows and doors inside and out. Aside from that, we redid rain-gutters, roofs, electrical, and HVAC. We customized closets, stairways, sidewalks and the yard. That is a whole story itself.
3. How did you start designing your space? Did you envision the entire space or piece it together?
I don't think you can ever really predict all of your needs at once. So I customize the space for my needs and keep the future in mind. For example I created the large moving book case in our front room because I wanted to compartmentalize some spaces by physically separating the living room and family room, BUT I was fearful of making that a permanent division, so the whole bookshelf moves to then open the room into one large space again.
4. You're home has so many small details and personality but still feels organized and flowing. What can you suggest to help readers achieve that same feeling in their spaces, without feeling like the room is cluttered?
I know this might seem like a silly answer, but my motto for design and organization, is functionality. I have antique cameras and old cobbler tools. and wood working tools. BUT I only collect things that I use. This prevents you from just having clutter. If they are things you know how to use and you care about them, they mean more to you than if its just a cute thing you picked up at a yard sale. I make sure that if I ever bring home a piece, it's an authentic tool and I know how to use it. If you use all the things in your house it keeps all the displays fresh and useful. To me, if its useful it is beautiful and its not clutter.

5. Do you have recommendations for furniture pieces that work better than others in a smaller space?
I would say "don't settle". It's so frustrating to have a small space and then have an awkward piece of furniture that you try to make work. If the piece doesn't work in your home, don't put it in your home. I have a lot more freedoms than some people because whenever I cant find the perfect desk to meet my needs, I will make one. My entire house is all connected and I don't have random pieces that don't belong. If you have an awkward couch that you love but can't fit then, you need to get rid of it. I think utilizing your space is far more important than jeopardizing your room for a piece you love.


 6. What general tips/hints do you have for those with small spaces?
Think outside the box. It sounds real cliché, but if you can see beyond a typical room it really allows you to see so much more potential. One thing I love to utilize is height. We don't just have floor space, WE HAVE WALL SPACE. Don't be afraid to use the walls. 
Before I was in my current home I lived in a one room condo space. I had my industrial sewing machine, my bed, my couch, my snowboard, my 3 bikes, my projector and NO closet. but I used every inch of that room. Every single thing had a place. My bikes were on the walls, my closet was under my elevated bed, and my projector screen pulled down from the ceiling and we made it work.
Don't be afraid to mount things on the ceiling or the walls. If its useful, it is beautiful.
The most important thing for any room is lighting. No matter how large or how small.
You could walk into a beautiful massive room with a big overhead light that simply lights the room but highlights nothing.
If you walk into the same room and see controlled lighting illuminating specific spaces and features of a room or display, it will feel worlds different.
Lighting is last. Don't let poor overhead lighting control your creativity. Pretend it's not there. Maybe you need to brainstorm in the dark. After I fix a room up exactly how I want it, I adjust the lighting. Not everyone needs track lighting, but I have it in every room and it helps me adjust lighting for my different projects and adjustments to the home.


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